1. What are the Elements of News?
    ·Timeliness- is the story relevant in time?

    ·Proximity- refers to the nearness of the event

    • ·Prominence- Newsworthiness of the individual
    • group

    ·Consequence- Importance of the event, now what?

    ·Human interest- getting readers to feel emotion

    ·Conflict- Tension, surprise, suspense
  2. What is a lead?
    A lead is the most important paragraph in the story, it’s the 1st paragraph, and it has the who, what, where, when, why, and maybe how in it.
  3. What's the difference between a photo and a photo illustration?
    ·Photo is taken with a camera at the time of action. It represents and shows people doing what they would be doing if there were not journalist around

    ·A photo illustration is also taken with a camera but is posed to create a certain visual

    ·Use journalist instinct to know when to use each
  4. What's the difference between libel and slander?
    Slander = spoken, libel = written
  5. How many picas per inch?
  6. Who was Nelly Bly?
    A journalist who pretended to be mentally ill to get information on asslyums and institutions. Yellow Journalism.
  7. What was the penny press?
    Papers for a penny.
  8. What was the significance of the penny press?
    People didn't need a subscription, meaning they could get them anywhere, so the factory workers could buy them. Also, news to more people.
  9. Define Yellow Journalism:
    • ~scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
    • ~lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
    • ~use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudo-science, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
    • ~emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips (which is now normal in the U.S.)
    • ~dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.
  10. What is the AP formula?
    o The news

    o Attribution

    o Verb

    o Subject

    o Time element

    o If the story is about a fire the first word should be fire

    o Leads
  11. What does "using the inverted pyramid mean?"
    • To write all the really important stuff at the top of the article.
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