Phys ch 7

  1. Hormone
    is to excite or arouse and is s chemical that is secreated by a cell or cells, into the blood for transport to a distant target and is effective at a very low concentration
  2. Pheromones
    Are chemical signals secreated into the external enviornment
  3. Pancrease
    is an endocrine and exocrine organ
  4. Cellular mechanism of action
    Hormones bind to receptors in intitate responses
  5. Half life
    Rate of hormone break down
  6. Three types of hormones
    • Peptide/steriod: composed 3 or more amino acids
    • Steriod: made in smooth ER and derived from cholesertol
    • Amine: Derived from either melatonin (tyrosie) or tryptophan (thyroid)
  7. Perprohormones/ prohormones
    Peptide hormones are made inactive perhormones and processed to prohormones
  8. Pituitary gland
    Anterior (endocrine) and postiror (extention of the brain)
  9. Posterior Pituitary gland
    produces only 2 nurohormones oxytocin to help induce labor and vasopressin also known as ADH regulating the retention of water in the body
  10. Anterior Piuitary gland
    • Hormones are controlled by releasing hormones and inhibiting hormones from the hypothalmus
    • in charge of 7 hormones
  11. Hypothalmic-hypophyseal portal system
    where the hypothalmic trophic hormones reach the pituitary
  12. trophic hormones
    control secreation of other hormones
  13. Antagonistic
    if one hormone opposes the action of another
  14. hypersecreation
    Disease of hormone excess
  15. Abnormal Tissue responsiveness
    result from problems with hormone receptors or signal pathways
  16. Prolactin
    • pepride hormone
    • helps with laction and the mameri glands
  17. Growth hormone
    • GH
    • Stimulate growth
    • protein peptide
  18. Follicle stimulating hormone
    • FSH
    • Stimulates the folicles on the skin
    • and the reproductive system
  19. Luteinizin hormone
    • LH
    • Stimulates Ovulation in females and testosrone in males
  20. Thyroid-stimulating hormone
    • TSH
    • Stimulates the thyroid and motablism T3 is active and T4 is what is stored
  21. Adrenocorticotrophic hormone
    • ACTH
    • produced with biological stress
    • comes from the cortex of the adrenal (supadrenal Gland)
  22. Melanocyte stimulating hormone
    • MSH
    • Production of Melanin in hair also for sexual arousal and appitite
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