MSA3 Adductors and Hamstrings

  1. Name the five adductors.
    • Pectineus (short one; easy to find)
    • Adductor longus (long one)
    • Adductor brevis (under longus; no one cares about)
    • Adductor magnus (the big one; "4th hamstring")
    • Gracilis (straight one; medial seam of pants)
  2. Name the three adductors that insert, and one hamstring that originates, on the linea aspera.
    • Adductor magnus (medial lip)
    • Adductor longus (medial lip)
    • Adductor brevis
    • Biceps femoris (lateral lip)
  3. What two muscles insert on the pectineal line of the femur.
    • Adductor brevis (also on linea aspera)
    • Pectineus
  4. What muscle inserts on the pes anserine?
    • Gracilis
    • (pes anserine located on the proximal, medial, anterior tibia)
  5. What three muscles originate on the inferior ramus of the pubis?
    • Adductor magnus
    • Adductor brevis
    • Gracilis
  6. Where does Adductor longus originate?
    Pubic tubercle
  7. Origins of Adductor magnus.
    • Inferior ramus of the pubis
    • Ramus of the ischium
    • Ischial tuberosity
  8. What is the only muscle that attaches to the adductor tubercle?
    Adductor magnus
  9. What is the only adductor muscle that does NOT medially rotate the hip?
    Adductor magnus
  10. What is the only adductor that crosses the knee?
    Gracilis (inserts at pes anserine)
  11. Which adductor flexes and medially rotates the knee?
    Gracilis- the only one that crosses the knee.
  12. What are the two ropy adductors?
    • Adductor magnus (at adductor tubercle)
    • Gracilis (at inferior ramus of the pubis)
  13. What is the most lateral hamstring muscle?
    Biceps femoris
  14. Common origin at the hamstrings.
    Ischial tuberosity
  15. Most superficial hamstring
  16. Which hamstring goes from back to front?
  17. Origin and insertion of Biceps femoris
    Origin: ischial tuberosity (long head); lateral lip of linea aspera (short head)
  18. What is the tendon type of the hamstrings?
    They are all ropy at the distal end.
  19. What are the three common actions of the hamstrings?
    • Knee flexion
    • Hip extension
    • Posterior tilting of pelvis
  20. Which hamstring inserts at the head of the fibula?
    Biceps femoris (lateral dimple on the back of the knee)
  21. O/I of Semitendinosus
    • Origin: Ischial tuberosity
    • Insertion: Pes anserine
  22. O/I of Semimembranosus
    • Origin: Ischial tuberosity
    • Insertion: Posterior aspect of medial condyle of tibia
  23. Which hamstring is deep to itself?
    Biceps femoris
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