Chapter 3 Hearing

  1. 3 parts of the ear
    Outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear
  2. Pinna and external auditory canal
    Outer ear
  3. Outer, visible part of the ear. collects sound and channels them into the interior.
  4. Channels sound through the eardrum
    Middle ear
  5. Separates the outer ear from middle, vibrates in response to sound
    Eardrum or tympanic membrane
  6. Connected chain of the 3 smallest bones in the body. Vibrate/transmit sounds to inner ear
    Hammer, anvil, and stirrup
  7. Parts of the inner ear
    Oval window, cochlea, and basilar membrane
  8. Tubular, fluid filled structure
  9. Transmits sound to the cochlea
    Oval window
  10. Lines the inner wall of the cochlea
    Basilar membrane
  11. Hair cells ________ regenerate
  12. Cells lining the basilar membrane; sensory receptors of the ear.
    Hair cells. Cilia sprout from teh top of them.
  13. Jellylike flap that generates impulses interpreted as sound by the brain
    tectorial membrane
  14. Theory stating that each frequency produces vibrations at a particular spot on the basilar membrane
    Place theory
  15. Small electronic device surgically implanted in the ear and head
    Cochlear implant
  16. Theory stating that the perception of a sound's frequency depends on how often the auditory nerve fires
    Frequency theory
  17. Principle which states that a cluster of nerve cells can fire neural impulses in rapid succession, producing a volley of impulses
    Volley principle
  18. Barrier caused by listener's head
    Sound shadow
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