isee vocab

  1. jeer
    to make fun of or mock
  2. Jest
    to joke (court Jester)
  3. Parody
    a humorous imitation
  4. recreation
    something done for fun, a hobby, or game
  5. Skit
    a short comic scene
  6. Adjunct
    an accessory something added on
  7. coalesce
    to come together
  8. congeal
    to thicken or change from liquid to solid
  9. Consensus
    an agreement
  10. contiguous
    lying side by side
  11. fission
    a splitting apart
  12. fussion
    a joining together
  13. Integrate
    • to bring together and make whole
    • integer=whole #
  14. juxtapose
    to place side by side
  15. Pact
    a formal agreement between two countries; a bargain
  16. Rendezvous
    a meeting, usually secret
  17. Abdicate
    to give up power
  18. Accord
    to be in agreement
  19. Allege
    to declare that something is true without proof
  20. condone
    to forgive
  21. conventional
    traditional, ordinary
  22. Counsel
    to advise
  23. Debunk
    to prove false
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