Elite B 1-125

  1. stark
    not ornamented; plain; absolute
  2. machination
    an artful or secret plot or scheme
  3. balmy
    soothing, mild, pleasant
  4. sinecure
    a paid position that requires little or no work
  5. bar
    to keep out; exclude
  6. flummox
    to confuse or perplex
  7. corrupt
    marked by immorality; dishonest; containing errors
  8. nepotism
    showing favoritism to relatives
  9. flagrant
    conspicuously bad or offensive
  10. talisman
    something thought to have magic power
  11. rapacious
    excessively greedy; taking by force
  12. colossal
    very large
  13. harangue
    a long pompous speech; a speech or piece of writing expressing strong emotion; a tirade
  14. prosaic
    straightforward; lacking in imagination
  15. nefarious
    very wicked
  16. court
    to attempt to gain, esp. love or favor; to behave so as to invite
  17. preempt
    to take the place of; to have priority or precedence over
  18. reek
    to give off a strong, unpleasant odor; to be pervaded with something unpleasant
  19. supplant
    to take the place of
  20. pellucid
    transparently clear
  21. amiable
    friendly and agreeable; sociable
  22. rancorous
    bitter and resentful
  23. commodity
    an item of trade or commerce, esp. as distinguished from a service
  24. puerile
    childish; foolishly immature
  25. indiscriminate
    unselective; random; unrestrained
  26. irony
    a use of words in which the intended meaning is very different from the literal sense; an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs, esp. one that suggests a lesson about human folly
  27. archaic
    of a much earlier, often more primitive period
  28. apprehend
    to become aware of through the senses
  29. congregate
    to assemble into a group
  30. utopia
    an ideally perfect place
  31. curfew
    a regulation requiring people to be inside at a certain time
  32. check
    to restrain or block
  33. egress
    going out; the right to go out or exit
  34. caste
    a rigid and hereditary social class
  35. cognizant
    aware (of)
  36. kin
    one's relatives
  37. placebo
    something presented as a drug, but having no actual effect
  38. lucrative
    producing wealth; profitable
  39. archetype
    the original pattern or model; a perfect example
  40. innocuous
  41. artifact
    an object produced by human work, esp. one of historical or archaeological interest
  42. inscribe
    to write, carve or engrave words or letters on or in a surface
  43. morass
    an area of swampy ground; something that hinders
  44. stagnant
    inactive; not moving
  45. decry
    to speak out against strongly and openly
  46. ostentatious
    showy; pretentious
  47. deference
    yielding an opinion, desire, or position to abother out of respect
  48. labyrinthine
    complicated; puzzling
  49. referendum
    direct popular vote on a law or measure of public policy
  50. effusive
    overflowing; excessively emotional
  51. resent
    to feel hostility because of a perceived insult or injury
  52. opportunist
    one who takes advantage of every opportunity, whether or not it is moral to do so
  53. uncanny
    strangely unsettling, as if of supernatural origin
  54. proximity
  55. embed
    to fix in a surrounding mass
  56. adapt
    to adjust to a new situation or environemtn; to change
  57. throe
    a spasm of pain; strong yearning
  58. egalitarian
    of the belief that all people should have equal rights
  59. consecrate
    to make or set apart as sacred
  60. demeanor
    outward behavior, esp. that reveals one's personality or attitude
  61. debris
    bits and pieces of rubbish
  62. caustic
    capable of burning or corroding by chemical action; bittingly sarcastic, cutting
  63. exonerate
    to find blameless
  64. amorphous
    without definite shape; shapeless; unorganized
  65. rambunctious
    very loud and disorderly
  66. censure
    to criticize severely
  67. ecstasy
    state of overwhelming joy; rapture
  68. insinuate
    to hint
  69. domain
    a territory or range of rule or control
  70. desultory
    lacking a plan or purpose; unmethodical
  71. gross
    total, entire; glaringly obvious, flagrant
  72. boycott
    to refuse to buy, sell, or use
  73. climax
    the point of greatest intensity, which marks the end of an ascending process
  74. manifest
    obvious; very clear; evident
  75. stratum
    a level or layer
  76. effect
    to bring about
  77. covenant
    a binding agreement
  78. leery
    suspicious; dustrustful
  79. prognosticate
    to predict
  80. permeate
    to spread or flow throughout
  81. interstices
    small spaces between things
  82. vociferous
    loud and vehement
  83. pulpit
    a podium used for preaching
  84. patron
    a sponsor; a supporter; a regular customer
  85. vapid
    lacking interest, animation, or flavor
  86. polyglot
    one who speaks many languages
  87. penchant
    a strong liking
  88. agrarian
    related to farming
  89. shrewd
    clever in practical matters; cunning
  90. debut
    a first appearance before the public
  91. pummel
    to beat, as with the fists
  92. demographics
    the distribution of human population groups
  93. inordinate
    excessive, unrestrained
  94. egregious
    outstanding for undesirable qualities; remarkably bad
  95. flamboyant
    extravagant; showy
  96. prodigal
    exceedingly or recklessly wasteful
  97. requisite
    needed; necessary
  98. ponderous
    clumsy and heavy; boring and labored
  99. pecuniary
    of or involving money
  100. tawdry
    tastelessly showy
  101. visceral
    instinctive; relating to the internal organs
  102. tantamount
    equivalent in effect or value
  103. disconcert
    to make confused or uneasy
  104. buttress
    to prop up or support
  105. august
    inspiring awe or admiration, esp. because of high rank or character
  106. fervent
    passionate; eager; earnets
  107. forlorn
    appearing sad because abandoned; in pitiful condition; almost without hope
  108. leaven
    to add yeast; to fill (something) with a substance that changes it or makes it lighter
  109. latitude
    freedom from normal limitations; room for movement or action
  110. capricious
    erratic; tending to change abruptly
  111. urban
    relating to city
  112. vicarious
    felt as if one were taking part in the experiences of another
  113. hue
    a shade of color
  114. amalgamate
    to blend together into one; to unite
  115. coax
    to persuade or obtain by pleading or flattery
  116. regale
    to delight or entertain
  117. margin
    a border or edge; a limit in condition or ability; an amount or degree of difference
  118. truncate
    to cut short
  119. context
    the circumstances in which something occurs
  120. potent
    powerful; having a strong effect
  121. amble
    to walk slowly or leisurely
  122. prolific
    producing a lot
  123. valid
    based on truth or fact; having legal force
  124. forthcoming
    about o appear; available when needed; communicative
  125. concoct
    to invent; to create by combining ingredients, as in cooking
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