kettering mech vent

  1. recommend PCV/IRV for pts requiring
    high Fio2 >60% and PEEP >15high PIP >50Low Pao2 and DECREASED compliance (ARDS)
  2. indications for HFV

    ventilation at LOWER ____ and ______
    • peak
    • mean airway pressure
  3. indication for HFV

    ventilation for pts with _____ or ____
    • bronchopleural fistula (hole in the bronchos)
    • ARDS
  4. indications for HFV

    treating ___ problems
    air leak
  5. indications for ILV
    protect one lung from contamination or infection originating in the opposite lung
  6. ILV requires direct access to each lung, commonly accomplished by
    • DLT
    • endobronchial tube
    • carlens tube
  7. to increase I:E ratio/alarm sounding you must increase
  8. PEEP/CPAP therapy is used to increase a pt's
  9. PEEP/CPAP improves/increases
  10. formula: flowrate=
    (vt X rr) X (I+E)
  11. protocols for pt with ARDS
    • reduce VT to 6
    • maintain ppl <30
  12. protocols for pt with asthma
    • reduce vt to 4-6
    • set rr btwn 10-12
    • consider permissive hypercapnea >co2
  13. waveforms that plow FLOW, PRESSURE, VOLUME on the vertical against TIME
    scalar graphics
  14. waveforms that plow two of the primary ventilator parameters against EACH OTHER
    loop graphics
  15. if the loop on the graphic is FLAT on the BOTTOM, change baseline pressure by
    increasing PEEP
  16. if they give you a loop and its BROKEN. that means theres a
  17. if they give you a loop and has a over distention (BEAK), you can fix the problem by
    decreasing VT
  18. if the volume pressure loops is laying on its side that demonstrate low compliance, you can fix by adjusting
  19. if they give you a flow/vol look and the flow is low (decreased flow) then you can fix by giving a
  20. air trapping (auto peep) can be easily id when the exp flow does not return to zero baseline, you can fix by increasing the
  21. anectine (succinylcholine) is good for
  22. RSBI formula and normal range

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