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  1. A pt with a history of sinus infection dr will order?
    intra nasal steroid antibiotic
  2. decilne in total body water and lean body mass affect drugs in elderly
    renal and hepatic changes dosage less
  3. non compliant in taking antibiotic what do u tell the pt.
    take till gone can cause resistant infection 2 antibiotics MRSA superinfection
  4. what would u tell pt about weight loss and food has history angina
    low cal low fat low sodium small meals excersise plan
  5. theophyline taken regularly 4yr old pt monitored for?
    adverse reactions, it is a bronchiodiolator
  6. what is nystatin what does it treat
    vaginal infections and thrush gone in 2 days
  7. long term uses of dopaminergic drugs often leds to
    tartive dyskinesia
  8. u r observing a nursing home pt on dompaminergic agent:early signs of toxicity that would be displayed?
    muscle twitching and blepharospasm
  9. fat soluable vitamins? most toxic least toxic?
    A D E K:Vitamin A most toxic hypervitaminosis turn yellow-Least toxic E
  10. which immunizations are given to kids?
    DTAP, tetnaus, petusis, hep B MMR Varicella
  11. what r thazides what supplements should be given?
    diuretic: potassium
  12. 17 yr old wrestler needs management of asthma prophylaticaly. what is treatment?
    cromolyn sodium (Intal)
  13. what is penicilliamine? what condition? what should be monitored?
    a chemical breakdown of penicllian binds to heavy metals: helps in 30% pt with arthritis. Compliance is necessary. blood dsycarias and skin reactions. 50%pt have fatal adverse reaction
  14. what is methotrimpeazine?
    used in schizophrenia depression, mental illness: will cause dry mouth, wt gain urinary retention, adverse: tardive dyskinesia, liver damge
  15. what is important about P450 enzyme what's important antiroviral?
    metabolized med in liver compliance is esential.
  16. an antibiotic with high degree of activity against many organisims would be called an
    antibiotic: penicillian, tetracycline
  17. Heprin is to be given at same time as coumidin:
    not drawn for PT for 5 hours with IV or 24 hours subq
  18. what wil dr. order if pt has red eyes no infection
    opthalmic drug, antiseptic of artificial tears,
  19. what is mydrasis
    opening of pupil paralyzed sphincter of iris blocking abiltiy to switch from near to far sightedness. happens glucoma pts
  20. what is vitamin a?
    If toxic:hypervitaminosis helps in night blindness: foods are eggs organ meats orange and yellow fruits and veg
  21. which of the following is ussed as an antidysrthmyic drug
    verapmil (Calan)
  22. vassopressin is?
    used to icrease smooth muscle contraction of the digestive tract and vascular bed
  23. after taking penicilliminase for four weeks the pt has not noticed any improvement why?
    theraputic effects may not be seen for several weeks
  24. the most common adverse reactions to antiinfective meds are
    ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, visual disturbances
  25. treatment for active tb includes
    chemoprophylaxis with bacteriostatic meds
  26. an alcohic comes into clinic vomiting fatigue anorexia what does dr. order?
    thyamine B6
  27. what s/s do u expect to see in pt who abused narcotics
    constricted pupils, mood changes constipation and needle scars
  28. what is Januvia what used to treat how adm?
    oral antidyabetic type II diabites once a day 100mg based on creatine clearance
  29. what if nurse adms wrong drug to pt
    check pt imeadiately, notify dr. of error admins any new orders, notify nurse supevisior, fill out reports
  30. how does ethol affect meds
    affect if work effectively or have adverse reactions
  31. CNS depression decreades respiratory rate, constricted pupils. tachycardia, and aflexia are symptoms of?
    barbituate overdose
  32. what are progesterins?
    used 4 contraception, control menapausal symptoms ovrian failure post ophorectomy
  33. a pt with heavy menstral periods fatigue and generally lacks energy most likely has?
    iron deficiency
  34. what is a natural remedy used to ease aches and pains and rebuild cartilage?
    chondroitin glucossamine
  35. how and when should you document drug adm
    after giving medication
  36. pt has non-productive cough no s/s of infection and unable to sleep at night. dr orders?
  37. describe Glp1 action adm side effects
    inhibits glucagon secretions stimulate insulin production
  38. a pt is recovering from bronchitis. producing large amounts of thick mucus. the dr. orders?
    suggest he drink a glass of water with each meal
  39. a pt has sinus pressure head ache and no temp but history of sinus infections. dr would order?
  40. a pt regularly seen 4 hypertension comes in dr office for a bad cold. the dr would?
    not order decongestant, because it may increase pts hypertension.
  41. important teaching point 2 pt about taking expectorants, antitussives or bronchiodialtors is:
    med effectiveness will be enhanced with adequate hydration of 2 quarts of H2O per day
  42. a 70 yr old pt weighs 300 lbs. complaing pain in hips and knees dr. tells her?
    orders anti-inflamatory analgesic and gives info on low cal diet to lose weight
  43. pt complaing low back pain after beng knocked to floor at basketball game he is in good health dr. orders?
    a salicylate or nosteroidial antiinflamitory (NSAID)
  44. pt competed in marathon had to drop out after 16 miles due to muscle spasm dr will order?
    Flexeril cyclobenzaprne: muscle relaxer
  45. 53 yr old man severe pain in big toe. the tests reveal uric acid in joint.never had this before. dr will order?
    colchine (Cholchicine) for acute gout
  46. 63 yr old declining from arthritis dr. writes Rx for penicillamine because nothing else has worked. this drug is an example of:
    SAARD slow acting antirheumatic drug
  47. after taking penicillamine Depen, Cuprimine, for 4 weeks the pt has not noticed any improvement why?
    theraputic effects may not be seen for several more weeks
  48. 46 yrold has chronic ethol abuse and has been taking asprin on regular basis. entered clinic complaining of sever abdominal pain, weak and dizzy lasting 7 days. u might suspect?
    pt has GI bleeding due to combination of asprin and alcohol
  49. the nurse should include which of the following when teaching an adult pt about an antivertigo agent?
    take 30-60 minutes before an airplane or boat departure
  50. what disease would a dr. tell a pt to take ginko
    Alzheimers diease: helps blood flow to brain
  51. pernicious is treated with
    vitamin b12
  52. what is verapamil? what disease does it treat
    calcium channel blocker treat dysrythmias
  53. what effect does salicylate have on prostaglandin synthesis. Which slaicylate is most effective
    stop prostaglandin synthesis:most effective is asprin.
  54. what is burrow solution how is it used?
    open wet dressings: keep wet change every 15-30 minutes for the first 4-8 hours
  55. what is the procedure for spill or contamination controll substance
    clean up and have two nursed sign off
  56. medications for malaria may be given
    prophylactically when people travel outside us to areas where it is common INH 6-12 months
  57. what is an oral troche? how should pt use it?
    a lozenge containg med in the center. not take it for longer than3-4 days
  58. Peicillian is the drug of choice to treat
    group A beta-hemolytic streptococci
  59. how and why should dr discontinue pt diuretic med?
    BP low. low serum potassium dehydrttion
  60. a teenager who has asthma since childhood takes her meds regularly is now reporting lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety and shaky. symptoms could be caused by which drugs?
    xanthine derivstives
  61. what is the common drug for labor induction? what should be monitored?
    oxytocin:should not be over 50 mm Hg, no longer than 90 seconds in duration and no longer than every 2 minutes
  62. what is methotrexate what does it treat?
    ihibits cellular reproduction severe rheumatoid arthritis that is unresponsive to other treatments
  63. the dr tells u pt. is hypokalemic and taking thiazide med for high blood pressure. what food will u tell him to eat?
    bananas and citrus fruit
  64. a pt is admitied to er with CHF which med will be used to treat?
    digoxin (Lanoxin)
  65. 80 yr old takes digoxin and HTCZ complains of blured vission and nausea confused and disoriented what is the problem?
    digitalis toxicity
  66. a pt taking phenazopyridine (Pyridium) for uti a nursing consideration would be
    urine may turn orange or red and pt will have reief from pain temp.
  67. what is an adverse effect of quinidine
    cinchonism and tinnitus
  68. With any asprin regimine what is an overdose symptom
    tinitus, ringing in ears
  69. dehydration in infants consits of:
    suken fontanells and no tear production
  70. what is a type of acne medication
    Differen wash face apply thin film once a day 8-12 weeks see results.
  71. what is pyridoxine hydrochloride?
    Vitamin B6 turns urine bright yellow. Found in organ meats whole grain breads and cereals
  72. what do u watch for in immune serums?
    adverse effects and what is being injected into body
  73. an intravenous antibiotic has what advantage over a sublingual admin?
    non irratating, direct route, not disloved in GI tract
  74. pt has sever abdominal pain45-60 minutes after eating. when drinks milk is better. eats mexican worse. Dr. will order?
    antacid: mylanta
  75. pt has duodenal ulcer which drugs first line of therapy?
    cimetidine (Tagamet)
  76. pt complains of abominal bloating and dicomfort and is an alcoholic what meds should be used?
    antispasmodic and anticholinergics
  77. a frail 67 yr old man came to clinic for barium enema has no bowel movements following procedure what will dr. order
    stool softener
  78. if a pt hasan apparent cold and comes in for flu shot what would u do?
    do not vaccinte immune comprimised pts.
  79. how do u determine if a pt is immunized
    blood titers
  80. a pt is taking st johns wort what info should he know about it?
    herbal antidepressant toxic with other antidepressants 300mg TID
  81. calcium needs vitamind and sunlight for body to use
    1200 mg daily 3 8 ounce glasses of milk 100,000 international units or more a day normal range
  82. Pnemocicial vaccines would produce immunity to?
    menengitis, strephtecoccus A and Pneumonia
  83. what type of immunity does a breastfed infant recieve from the mother?
    naturally acquired passive immunity
  84. The pts chart is?
    A legal document property of hospital but you can get a copy
  85. what is PVD? What wil dr order?
    Perphiral vascular disease. thrombolytic agents
  86. Primaquine is used for treatment of?
    malaria. can be used prophlatically
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