MGKT Chapter 13 part 2

  1. Channel members
    all parties in the marketing channel that negotiate with one another, buy and sell products, and facilitate the change of ownership between buyer and seller in teh coruse of moving the product from the manufacturer into the hands of the final consumer
  2. supply chain
    the connected chain of all of the business entitles, both internal and external to the company, that perform or support the marketing channel functions
  3. logistics
    the effiecenta nd cost-effective forward and reverse flow as well as storage of goods, services, and related information, into through, and out of channel member companies
  4. dual distribution (multiple distrubution)
    the use of two or more channesl to distriute the same product to target markets
  5. strategic channel alliance
    a cooperative agreement between business firms to use the other's already established distrubtion channel
  6. intensive distribution
    a form of distibution aimed at having a product available in every outlet where target customers might want to buy it
  7. selective distribution
    a form of distribution achieved by screening dealers to eliminate all but a few in any single area
  8. channel power
    the capacity of a particular marketing channel member to control or invluence the behavior of other channel members
  9. channel control
    a situation that occurs when one marketing channel member intentionally affects another member's behavior
  10. channel leader (channel captain)
    a member of a marketing channel that exercises authority and poer over the activites of other channel members
  11. horizontal conflict
    a channel conflict that occurs among channel members on thes ame level
  12. vertical conflict
    a channel conflict that occurs between different levels in a marketing channel, most typically between the manufactures and wholesaler or between the manufactureer and retailer
  13. channel partnering (channel cooperation)
    the joint effort of all channel members to create a supply chain that serves customers and creates a copetitive advantage
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