1. Nurse Ron is assessing a client for possible Cushing's syndrome,. In a client with Cushing's syndrome, the nurse would expect to find
    C - Deposits of adipose tissue in the trunk and dorsocervical area
  2. A male client with primary diabetes inspidius is ready for discharge on desomopressin (DDAVP). Which instruction should the nurse provide?
    C - "You may not be able to use desmopressin nasally if you have nasal discharge or blockage"
  3. Nurse Wayne is aware that a positive Chvostek's sign indicate?
    A HYPOcalemia
  4. In a 29 year old female client who is being successfully treated for Cushing's syndrome, nurse Lyzette would expect a decline in
    A - serum glucose level
  5. A male client has recently undergone surgical removal of a pituitary tumor. Dr. Wong prescribes corticotrophin (Athar), 20u I.M. q.i.d. as a replacement therapy. What is the mechanism of action of corticotrophin?
    C - it interacts with plasma membrane receptors to produce enzymatic actions that affect protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
  6. Capillary glucose monitoring is being performed q4hr for a female client diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. Insulin is administered using a scale of regular insulin according to glucose results. At 2pm, the client has a capillary glucose level of 250mg/dL for which he receives 8 U of regular insulin. Nurse Vince should expect the dose's:
    C - Onset to be at 230pm and its peak to be at 4pm
  7. A female client with Cushing's sydrome is admitted to the medical-surgical unit. During the admission assessment, nurse Tyzz notes that the client is agitated and irritable, has poor memory, reports loss of apeptite, and appears disheveled. These findings are consistent with which problem?
    A - Depression
  8. Nurse Ruth is assessing a client after a thyroidectomy. The assessment reveals muscle twitching and tingling, along with numbness in the fingers, toes, and mouth area. The nurse should suspect which complication?
    A - Tetany
  9. After undergoing a subtotal thyroidectomy, a female client develops hypothyroidism. Dr. Smith prescribes levothyroxine (Levothyroid), 25mcg PO daily for which condition is levothyroxine the preferred agent?
    A - Primary HYPOthyroidism
  10. Which of these signs suggests that a male client with the syndrome of inappropropriate antidiuretic hormones (SIADH) secretion is experiencing complications?
    B - Neck vein distention
  11. A female client with a history of pheochromocytoma is admitted to the hospital in an acute hypertensive crisis. To reverse hyperintensive crisis caused by pheocrhomocytoma, the nurse expects to administer?
    A - phenotolamine (Regitine)
  12. A male client with a hx of HTN is diagnosed with primary hyperdolsteronism. The diagnosis indicates the the client's hypertension is caused by excessive hormone secretion from which of the following glands?
    A- adrenal glands
  13. The nurse is aware that the most appropriate for a a client with Addison's disease:
    A - Risk for infection
  14. 14. Acarbose (Precose) an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, is prescribed for a female client with Type II diabetes. During discharge planning, the nurse would be aware of the client's need for additional teaching when the client states?
    A - "If I have HYPOglycemia, I should not eat some sugar, not dextrose"
  15. A female client whose physical findings suggest a hyperpituatary condition undergoes an extensive diagnostic workup. Test results reveal a pituitary tumor, which necessitates a transphenoidal hypophysectomy. The evening before the surgery, earlier. Which postoperative instruction should the nurse emphasize?
    B - "You must avoid coughing, sneezing, and blowing nose"
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