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  1. a large structured set of persistent data
  2. four components of any database system
    data, hardware, software, users
  3. a collection of meaningful information related to the database
  4. uniquely identify each record in the table
    primary key
  5. combo of attributes that can be uniquely used to identify a database record
    candidate keys
  6. fields in a relational table that match the primary key from one column to the primary key of another table
  7. data remains in the database unchanged and does not change until acted upon
  8. data in the database interacts and cooresponds with other data
  9. data in the database has the ability to be accessed and/or manipulated by multiple users
  10. data in the database has the following characteristics
    persistent, integrated, shared
  11. database software is usually referred to as what?
  12. individual that writes programs that use or allow access to the database with a specific intended purpose
    application programmers
  13. the primary individuals responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance of the database on a design and physical level
    database administrator (DBA)
  14. most valuable asset of a database system
    central control of data
  15. the immunity of applications to change in storage structure and access technique
  16. raw data in rows and columns
    flat file
  17. databases which use relationships between independent entities (data
  18. person responsible for deciding which data is stored in the database and the manner in which it is stored there
    data administrator (DAd)
  19. commands a dbms can do
    data definition
  20. commands used to manipulate and interact with the data in a database
    data manipulation
  21. mechanism for recovery and ensures 2 people are not trying to update a piece of the database at the same time
    data recovery and concurrence
  22. ongoing record of all data reflecting the information defining the database
    data dictionary
  23. ensures all functions are done efficiently
  24. collection of databases that can be operated and managed separately
    distributed database
  25. basic component of a SQL database
  26. persistent objects that store the information contained within a database
    base tables
  27. the displays that are returned from a query
    result tables
  28. these can be powerful tools in the hands of a skilled dba
  29. 4 levels DAd operates at
    component data administrator, functional data administrator, department of defense administrator
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