1. εδ
    eat; εσθιω eat; E.D. edible
  2. δραμ
    run; δραμουμαι run, δρομος a run, a course (in running); E.D. hippodrome (ιππος horse + δρομος course), syndrome (συν together + δραμειν to run)
  3. δρα
    do; δραμα a deed, act, δραω do, accomplish; E.D. drama (an action represented on the stage), drastic
  4. δοκ
    be esteemed, esteem; δοκεω think, seek, seem good, δοξα opinion; E.D. orthodox (ορθος right, true + δοξα opinion, δοκειν to think seem), doxy, doxology, dogma
  5. δο
    give; διδωμι give, δοσις a giving, a gift; E.D. dose
  6. δικ
    show, point; δικαιοω make or render right or just (according to the way shown), δικη right, justice; E.D. theodicy (θεος God + δικη right, justice)
  7. δι, διF (diw, div)
    be bright, shine, gleam, play; δηλος clear, evident, διος divine; E.D. deity, divine
  8. δεκ, δεξ
    take hold of, seize; δεχομαι take, receive, δεξιος right; E.D. dexterous
  9. δεικ
    show, point out; δεικνυω or δεικνυμι show, present to the sight; E.D. indicate
  10. δε
    bind; δεω bind, tie; E.D. diadem (δια round + δειν to bind
  11. δα
    learn, teach; διδασκω teach; E.D. didactic
  12. γραφ
    dig, grave, scratch, write; γραφω engrave, scratch, write; E.D. autograph (αυτος self + γραφειν to write)
  13. γνο, γνω
    know, perceive cf. νο (no); γινωσκω learn, know, perceive; E.D. gnosis, agnostic
  14. γλυφ
    carve, engrave; γλυφω carve, cut out with a knife; to note down (on tablets); E.D. hieroglyphic (Ιερος sacred + γλυφειν to carve)
  15. γλευκ, γλυκ
    sweet; γλυκυς sweet; E.D. glucose
  16. γευ
    taste, try; γευομαι tase eat; E.D. gusto, disgust
  17. γεν, γα
    beget, bring forth, come into being, become; γινομαι come into existence, be created, be born; E.D. geneology, genesis
  18. βολ, βουλ
    will, choose; βουλομαι will, wish, be willing, E.D. volition
  19. βι
    live; βιος life, means of living; E.D. biology
  20. βαφ
    dip; βαπτιζω baptize, βαπτω dip in water; E.D. baptism
  21. βαλ, βελ, βολ
    fall, glide, slip away, throw; βαλλω to throw, (intr.) to fall; E.D. ball, ballistics
  22. βαθ
    depth; βαθος depth βαθυς deep, profound; E.D. bathos, bathometer (βαθος depth + μετρον a measure)
  23. βα
    go; βαινω walk, step, go; E.D. anabasis (ανα up + βαινειν to go; hence, a going up)
  24. αυξ, αFεξ (awex)
    increase; αυξανω, αυξω cause to grow or increase; E.D. auxiliary, augment
  25. αρχ
    be first, begin; αρχη a beginning, αρχηγος chief, leader; E.D. archeology, archbishop, archaic
  26. αρπ (harp)
    seize; αρπαζω snatch away, seize, plunder, αρπαξ a robber; E.D. harpoon, harpy
  27. αργ
    shine, be light or bright; αργυρος silver; E.D. argentine
  28. αρ
    join closely, fit; αρθρον a joint (pl. limbs) αρτιος perfect, exactly fitted, complete; E.D. arthritis, articulate
  29. ανθ, αθ
    bloom; ανθος blossom, flower; Αθηνη (the blooming one), Athene; E.D. anthology (ανθος flower + λεγειν to gather)
  30. αν
    breathe, blow; ανεμος wind; E.D. animate, animal
  31. αερ
    lift, heave, raise up; αιρω take up, raise, lift up; E.D. meteor (μετα beyond + αιρειν to raise up)
  32. αλλ
    other; αλλος other, another; αλλα but ( in another way) E.D. alias, alien, parallel (παρα beside + αλληλων) of one another
  33. αλ (hal)
    leap; αλλομαι spring, leap; E.D. assault, exalt, insult, altitude
  34. ακ
    shard, pointed, swift; ακμη point, top; ακρος highest, topmost; E.D. acrobat (ακρος high + βαινειν to go) acme, acrimonious
  35. αιθ
    kindle, burn, shine; αιθω light up, burn; αιθηρ ether, the brighter purer air; E.D. ethereal
  36. αδ (had)
    σFαδ (swad, suad) taste good, please; ηδονη pleasure; E.D. hedonist, suavity
  37. ανχ
    squeeze, press tight, cause pain or anguish; αγχω compress, strangle, choke; αγχονη a throttling, strangling, hanging; E.D. anguish, anxious
  38. αγκ
    bend, curve; ανκος a bend, hollow, valley; αγκυρα an anchor; E.D. anchor, angle
  39. αγ (hag)
    stand in awe of, dread, reverence; αγιος holy; E.D. hagiographa (αγιος holy, sacred + γραφειν to write)
  40. αγ
    drive, move, convey, lead, weigh, consider; αγω lead, lead away, bring; E.D. synagogue (συν together + αγειν to bring), axiom (αξιος of equal weight, worthy)
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