Beer Drinks

  1. Black and Tan
    Fill pint glass 1/2 full of bass ale. Set the B&T spoon over rim of glass and pour Guinness stout over spoon to top, leaving 1-1/2" foam head.
  2. Half and Half
    The same as a Black and Tan except use Harp lager instead of bass ale.
  3. Depth Charge
    A boilermaker that the customer ombines by dropping the shot of whiskey into the beer.
  4. Red Beer
    Fill mug with 2 oz. tomato juice or boody Mary mix, then finish with customer's preferene of lager beer.
  5. Boilermaker
    A Mug of beer with a shot of whiskey on the side.
  6. Black Velvet
    Champagne glass 1/2-full with Guinness top 1/2- fill with hampagne
  7. Red Eye
    2 oz. Bloody Mary mix fill with draft beer. Drop in raw egg. Chug!
  8. Shandy Gaft
    Fill beer mug 1/2 with beer fill with 7-up or ginger ale.
  9. Black and Red.
    Pint Glass 1/2 full with Killian's Red beer top 1/2 fill with Guinness
  10. Black and Blue
    Pint glass 1/2 full with blue moon belgium wheat beer top 1/2- fill with guinness.
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