1. Morose
    • morose
    • adjective
    • unhappy and/or annoyed and unwilling to speak, smile or be pleasant to people; sullen a morose expression
    • Why are you so morose these days -
    • what's depressing you?
  2. Mien
    • 2.
    • Aspect; appearance.
    • He raised and answered the question with
    • the dispassionate mien of a professor advising a student on a course of study.
    • For her part, Amy soon learned
    • to cloak her self-assurance and pride in her achievements in a modest mien. Here Mnemosyne shows her true face, and she is no young beauty. Not for her the unlined mien of the younger Muses.
  3. Affable
    • affable
    • \AF-uh-buhl\, adjective: conversing with them in a free
    • and friendly manner.
    • Nonetheless, in view of the fact that Leon
    • stated in the warrant exhorted me to make myself appear to be taciturn, melancholy and ugly.
    • Johnny's father, while strict with his children, usually was affable and relaxed.
    • There was even more joking than usual
    • Saturday afternoon; he seemed to be in a
    • particularly affable mood.
  4. Proclivity
    • proclivity
    • \pro-KLIV-i-tee\, noun:
    • A natural inclination; as, "he has a
    • proclivity for exaggeration" life-long bibliophiles with a
    • proclivity for accumulation, holed up in compact spaces in the intimate company of
    • --"For Some, Acquiring Books Has
    • Become a Compulsion," New York Times, July
    • 6, 1997 township where I learned and trained and
    • with a weird proclivity for intuitive math
    • than it did with athletic talent.
    • This natural proclivity of men to hurt each other.
  5. Inane
    • adjective
    • extremely silly or lacking real meaning or importance
    • series on television these days.
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