Effects of Autonomic Nervous System

  1. Digestive system (glands, digestion, sphincters)
    • Parasympathetic: stimulate glands and digestion, sphincters relax
    • Sympathetic: inhibit glands and digestion, sphincters contract
  2. Urinary system (bladder, urethral sphincter)
    • Parasympathetic: bladder contract (stimulates urination), urethral sphincter (stimulates urination)
    • Sympathetic: bladder relax (inhibits urination), urethral sphincter (inhibits urination)
  3. Bronchial smooth muscle
    • Parasympathetic: Bronchial smooth muscle constrict (closes airways)
    • Sympathetic: Bronchial smooth muscle (opens airways)
  4. Cardiovascular system (heart rate and contractility, blood flow to skeletal muscles)
    • Parasympathetic: heart rate and contractility decrease
    • Sympathetic: heart rate and contractility increased, blood flow to skeletal muscle increased
  5. Skin
    Sympathetic: sweating and increase blood flow (flushing)
  6. Eye (pupil, muscles controlling lens)
    • Parasympathetic: pupil constriction, muscles controlling lens for near vision accomodation
    • Sympathetic: pupil dilation, muscles controlling lens for far vision accomodation
  7. Adrenal Medulla
    Sympathetic: release of epinephrine
  8. Genitals
    • Parasympathetic: erection, lubrication
    • Sympathetic: ejaculation, orgasm
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Effects of Autonomic Nervous System
Parasympathetic (rest/digest), Sympathetic (fight or flight)