Kaplin GRE Words

  1. Abstain
    to refrain from partaking in
  2. Ambiguous
  3. Coalesce
    two things joining to become one
  4. Deference
    respect; courtesy
  5. Frugality
    thrifty with money, cheap
  6. Hegemony
    A domination of state or group of all of its allies
  7. Iconoclast
    one who opposes established beliefs
  8. Languid
    lacking energy, slow
  9. Mercurial
    quick, shrewd, unpredictable
  10. Myopic
    lacking foresight, having a narrow view
  11. Nuance
    a subtly expression of meaning or quality
  12. Peccadillo
    a minor sin or offence
  13. Perfunctory
    indifferent, doing the same thing routinely
  14. Repudiate
    to reject the validity of
  15. Salient
    prominent, of noble significance (like with issues)
  16. Surly
    cynical, rude
  17. Bolster
    to hold up, support
  18. Dogma
    a strict belief someone has
  19. Interpid
    extremely courageous, fearless
  20. Innocuous
  21. Liberal
  22. Jettison
    getting rid of needless stuff/ excess
  23. Mirth
    playfulness, laughter
  24. Antipathy
  25. Enigma
    mystery, puzzle
  26. Eschew
    to shun or avoid
  27. Glib
    being fluent in nonsense talk, BS
  28. Austere
    a stern or strict look
  29. Invidious
    envious, obnoxious, or offensive likely to promote ill will
  30. Ostensible
  31. Specious
    deceptively attractive, seemingly plausible but fallicious
  32. Encomium
    warm praise
  33. Abate
    to humble, humiliate someone
  34. Levity
    an inappropriate lack of seriousness; overly casual
  35. Desulatory
    jumping from one thing to another, disconnected
  36. Parry
    to ward off or deflect, especially by a quick-witted answer
  37. Sagacious
    shrewd, wise
  38. Effrontery
    impudent boldness, audacity
  39. Canard
    a lie
  40. Quitoxic
    overly idealistic, impractical
  41. Florid
    excessively decorated or embellished
  42. Requite
    to return or repay
  43. Neophyte
    novice, beginner
  44. Attenuate
  45. Diatribe
    an abusive, condemnatory speech
  46. Lugubrious
    sorrowful, mournful, dismal
  47. Lissome
    easily flexed, limber agile
  48. Amortize
    to diminsh by installment payments
  49. Ebullient
    exhillarated; full of enthusiasm
  50. Onerous
    troublesome and oppressive; burdensome
  51. Impecunious
    poor, having no money
  52. Probity
    complete honesty and integrity
  53. Stolid
    unemotional, lacking sensitivty
  54. Cabal
    a secret group seeking to overturn something
  55. Fractious
    unruly, rebellious
  56. Inundate
    to overwhelm; to cover with water
  57. Supplant
    to replace by force
  58. Pedant
    someone who shows off learning
  59. Distend
    to swell or bloat from fluide
  60. Guile
    to decieve, trick, mislead
  61. Mendicant
  62. Maudlin
    overly sentimental
  63. Rarefy
    to make thinner, sparse
  64. Foment
    to arouse or incite
  65. Dirge
    a funeral hymn or sorrowful speech
  66. Sycophant
    a self-serving flatterer, yes-man
  67. Puerile
    childish, immature, or silly
  68. Invective
    abusive language
  69. Limpid
    clear, transparent
  70. Missive
    a note, letter
  71. Arrogate
    to claim or take without right
  72. Soporific
    causing sleep or lathargy
  73. Paragon
    model of excellence or perfection
  74. Kinetic
    relating to motionl characterized by movement
  75. Forestall
    prevent or delay; anticipate
  76. Ephemeral
    lasting a short time
  77. Credulous
    gulible, easily tricked
  78. Monastic
    a place with little decoration really bare
  79. Prevaricate
    to lie or deviate from the truth
  80. Cosset
    to pamper or treat with great care
  81. Intenerant
    wandering from place to place
  82. Startagem
    trick designed to decieve an enemy
  83. Obsequious
    overly submissive and eager to please
  84. Dilatory
    intended to delay
  85. Orotund
  86. Largess
    generous giving to others who may seem inferior
  87. Enumerate
    to count, list, itemize
  88. Querulous
    inclined to complain, irritable
  89. Martient
    strict, disciplanarian, one who rigidly follow the rules
  90. Surfeit
    excessive amount
  91. Intransigent
    uncompromising, refusing to be reconciled
  92. Nominal
    exisiting only in name; negligible
  93. Mendacious
  94. Stentoiran
    extremely loud
  95. Collusion
    collaboration, complicity, conspiracy
  96. Dilettenate
    someone with an amateurish interest in a topic
  97. Pithy
    profound or substatial yet concise, succient, and to the point
  98. Impugn
    to call into question; attack verbally
  99. Malestrom
    a whirlpool, turmoil, agitated state of mind
  100. Diabuse
    to set right, free from error
  101. Perspeicacious
    shrewd, astute, or keen-witted
  102. Sybarite
    a person devoted to luxury and self pleasure
  103. Garrulous
    tending to talk a lot
  104. Laconic
    using few words
  105. Phlegmatic
    calm and unemotional in temparment
  106. Erudite
    learned; scholarly; bookish
  107. Posit
    to assume as real or concededl propose as an explanation
  108. Reticent
    silent, reserved
  109. Implacable
    unable to be calmed down or made peaceful
  110. Licentious
    immoral, unrestrained by society
  111. Solecism
    a grammatical or verbal mistake or blunder
  112. Expurgate
    to censor
  113. Polemic
    controversy, argument, verbal attack
  114. Rejoinder
  115. Malediction
    a curse, wish of evil upon another
  116. Exigent
    urgent; requiring immediate action
  117. Symbiosis
    cooperation, mutual helpfulness
  118. Lumber
    to move slowly and awkwardly
  119. Coterie
    an intimate group of persons with a similar purpose
  120. Officious
    too helpful, meddlesome
  121. Esoteric
    known or understood by only a few
  122. Pugilism
  123. Replete
    abundently supplied, complete
  124. Inculcate
    to teach, impress in the mind
  125. Slake
    to calm down or make moderate
  126. Dither
    to act confusedly; without clear purpose
  127. Enervate
    to reduce in strength
  128. Occlude
    to stop up, prevent the passage of
  129. Insiped
    lacking interest or flavor
  130. Mannered
    artificial or stilted in character
  131. Engender
    to produce, cause
  132. Sentient
    aware, concious, able to perceive
  133. Redress
    relief from wrong or injury
  134. Interregnum
    period between two reigns
  135. Inure
    to harden
  136. Epicure
    a person with refined taste in food or wine
  137. Gradation
    process occuring by regular degree or stages
  138. Parley
    discussion, usually between enimes
  139. Quiescent
  140. Sanguine
    ruddy, cheerfully optomistic
  141. Aberrant
    deviating from the norm
  142. Noisome
    stinking; putrid
  143. Impetuous
    quick to act without thinking
  144. Meretricious
    gaudy, falsely attractive
  145. Exculpate
    to clear or free from blame
  146. Amalgmate
    to combine; mix together
  147. Sinecure
    a well paying job or iffice that requires little or no work
  148. Inchoate
    not fully formed, disorganized
  149. Jingoism
    belligerent support for one's country
  150. Estimable
  151. Husband
    to manage economically, sparingly
  152. Obdurate
    hardened in feeling; resistant to persuasion
  153. Placate
    to soothe or pacify
  154. Scintilla
    trace amount
  155. Sobriquet
  156. Imperturbale
    not capable of being disturbed
  157. Dictum
    authoritative statement
  158. Coffer
    strongbox; large chest for money
  159. Banal
    predictable; cliche; boring
  160. Nadir
    lowest point
  161. Neologism
    new word or expression
  162. Peripatetic
    wandering from place to place especially on foot
  163. Ingratiate
    to gain favor with another by deliberate effort
  164. Pervade
    to be present throughout; to permeate
  165. Syncopation
    temporary irregularity in musical rythem
  166. Imbue
    to infuse, moisten, dye, wet
  167. Lapidary
    relating to precious stones or the art of cutting them
  168. Mollfiy
    to calm or make less severe
  169. Diaphanous
    allowing light to shine through; delicate
  170. Ersatz
  171. Obviate
    to prevent; to make unnecessary
  172. Fortuitous
    happening by chance, fortune
  173. Profligate
    corrupt; degenerate
  174. Prattle
    meaningless, foolish talk
  175. Incarnadine
    blood red in color
  176. Salubrious
  177. Penury
    an opressive lack of resources
  178. Sedition
    behavior that promotes rebellion against the state
  179. Indolent
    habitually lazy or idle
  180. Equivocate
    to use expressions of double meaning to mislead
  181. Phalanx
    a compact or close-knit body of people, animals, or things
  182. Sully
    to tarnish, taint
  183. Inexorable
    unflexible, unyielding
  184. Fallow
    dormant, unused
  185. Ostentation
    excessive showiness
  186. Calumny
    false and malicious accusation
  187. Pecadillo
    a minor sin or offence
  188. Deride
    to speak or treat with contempt; to mock
  189. Seraphic
    sweet or angelic
  190. Investiture
    ceremony conferring authority
  191. Demagouge
    leader or rabble rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudce
  192. Pergrinate
    to wander from place to place, to travel esp on foot
  193. Circumspect
    cautious, aware of potential consequences
  194. Pejorative
    having bad connotations; disparaging
  195. Impious
    not devout in religion
  196. Fatuous
    stupid, foolishly self-satisfied
  197. Repose
    relaxation, leisure
  198. Hermetic
    tightly sealed
  199. Droll
    amusingly wry humor in a subtle way
  200. Gregarious
    outgoing, sociable
  201. Machination
    plot or scheme
  202. Plucky
    coureagous, spunky
  203. Debutante
    young woman making debut in high society
  204. Zephyr
    a gentle breeze, airy
  205. Sublime
    lofty or grand
  206. Monotony
    no variation, tediously the same
  207. Abjure
    to reject formally
  208. Panache
    flamboyance or dash in style and action
  209. Discern
    to percieve or recognize
  210. Fecund
    fertile; fruitful; productive
  211. Opine
    to express an opinion
  212. Ignoble
    having low moral standards
  213. Acme
    the higest point attainable, CEO
  214. Disaparate
    fundamentally different
  215. Militate
    to operate against; work against
  216. Surly
    rude, bad tempered
  217. Crescendo
    steadily increasing in volume or force
  218. Listless
    lacking energy and enthusiasm
  219. Raconteur
    witty, skillful storyteller
  220. Permeate
    to penetrate
  221. Assuage
    to make something unpleasent less severe
  222. Imprecation
    a curse
  223. Mitigate
    to soften, to lessen
  224. Obstinate
    stubborn, unyielding
  225. Satiate
    to satisfy fully or overindulge
  226. Insurrection
  227. Burgeon
    to grow, florish
  228. Libertine
    free thinker, usually used disparingly, one without moral restraint
  229. Doctrinaire
    rigidly devoted to the theory without regard to practicality
  230. Oblique
    indirect or evasive; misleading or devious
  231. Politic
    shrewd and practical in managing or dealing with things diplomatic
  232. Chicanery
    deception by means of craft or guilie
  233. Corroborate
    to support with evidence
  234. Inimical
    hostile, unfriendly
  235. Magnate
    powerful or influential person
  236. Palatial
    relating to a palace, magnificent
  237. Polyglot
    a speaker of many languages
  238. Sardonic
    cynical, scornfully mocking
  239. Fawn
    to grovel
  240. Connoisseur
    a person with expert knowledge or discriminating tastes
  241. Iniquity
    sin, evil act
  242. Analgesia
    lessing of pain without loss of conciousness
  243. Nettle
    to irritate
  244. Numismatics
    coin collecting
  245. Alacrity
    speed or quickness
  246. Furtive
    secret, stealthy
  247. Gambol
    to dance or skip around playfully
  248. Lassitude
    a state of diminshed energy
  249. Opprobrium
    public disgrace
  250. Burnish
    to polish
  251. Apostate
    one who renounces their religion
  252. Pastiche
    a peince of literature or music imitating other works
  253. Cloying
    sickenly sweet, excessive
  254. Kindle
    to set fire to or to ignite, excite or inspire
  255. Endemic
    belonging to a particular area, inherent
  256. Efficacy
  257. Garner
    to gather and store
  258. Bilk
    to cheat or defraud
  259. Palliate
    to make less serious, ease
  260. Restive
    impatient, uneasy, restless
  261. Intractable
    not easily managed or manipulated
  262. Candid
    impartial and honest in speech
  263. Mores
    fixed customs or manners, moral attitudes
  264. Nascent
    starting to develop, coming into existance
  265. August
    dignified, grandiose
  266. Potentate
    a monarch or ruler with great power
  267. Irascible
    easily made angry
  268. Perfidious
    willing to betray one's trust
  269. Decorous
    proper, tasteful, socially correct
  270. Statis
    a state of static balance or equilibrium, stagnation
  271. Ossify
    to change into bonel to become hardened or set into a rigidly conventional pattern
  272. Eclectic
    made up of a variety of sources
  273. Abdicate
    to give up a positon or right
  274. Gestation
    growth process from conception to birth
  275. Belfry
    bell tower
  276. Ledgerdemain
  277. Dissemble
    to present a false appearance to disguise one's real intentions or character
  278. Pallid
    lacking color or liveliness
  279. Sacrosanct
    extremely relegious, beyond criticism
  280. Hapless
    unfortunate, having bad luck
  281. Ethos
    beliefs or character of a group
  282. Ingrate
  283. Naive
    lacking sophistication or experience
  284. Frentic
    frantic, frenzied
  285. Prescient
    having foresight
  286. Accretion
    growth in size or amount
  287. Judicious
    sensible, showing good judgement
  288. Declivity
    downward slope
  289. Mar
    to damage or deface
  290. Sportive
    frolicsome, playful
  291. Impervious
    impossible to penetrate
  292. Craven
    lacking courage
  293. Panegyric
    elaborate praise, formal hymn of praise
  294. Augury
    prediction of events
  295. Proclivity
    a natural predisposition or inclination
  296. Fervid
    intensely emotional, feverish
  297. Loquacious
  298. Overwroght
    agitatied, overdone
  299. Knell
    sound of a funeral bell
  300. Disatff
    the female branch of the family
  301. Pariah
    an outcast
  302. Inter
    to bury
  303. Aggrandize
    to oncrease in power, influence
  304. Multifarious
  305. Rococo
    very highly ornamented, relating to an 18th century artistic style of elaborate ornamentation
  306. Demur
    to express doubt or objection
  307. Panoply
    impressive array
  308. Cupidity
    greed, strong desire
  309. Edify
    to instruct in religion or morally
  310. Heterogeneous
    compund of different parts, diverse
  311. Quotidian
    occuring daily, commonplace
  312. Aarie
    a nest built high in the air, secluded
  313. Fetid
    fowl smelling, putrid
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