Project Mngmnt Test

  1. What is a project phase?
    PMs divide projects into phases to provide better management control.
  2. What is a project life cycle?
    All phases are known as a project life cycle.
  3. What is the difference between the project phases of a cycle and the the Project Management Process Groups?
    • The process groups define the action in the project.
    • The phases are just the map...?
  4. What is fast tracking?
    Fast tracking is when a phase begins prior to the apporval of the previous phase's deliverales.
  5. How many phases does a project life cycle have?
    • 1. Initial Phase
    • 2. Intermediate Phase
    • 3. Final Phase
  6. When is the ability of the stakeholders to influence the final characateristics of the project's product and the final cost of the project the highest?
    At the start.
  7. What is a deliverable?
    A deliverable is a measurable, verifiable work product such as a specification, feasability study report, detailed design doc., or working prototype.
  8. Does formal phase completion include authorizing the subsequent phase?
  9. What does full project sponsorship include?
    Full project sponsorship includes providing financial and political support.
  10. What is the difference between positive and negative stakeholders?
    • Positive stakeholders are normally those who would benefit from a successful outcome from the project.
    • Negative stakeholders are those who see negative outcome from the project's outcome.
  11. Can stakeholders' responsibilities overlap?
  12. What is very difficult for the project managers to manage?
    PMs must manage stakeholders' expectations, which can be difficult because stakeholders often have very different or conflicting objectives.
  13. What is a strong matrix organization?
    When the staff and the project manager report to different authorities.
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