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  1. �When did Beacon Press begin?�
  2. �Lewis McGee�
    �1948 - First minister of Free Religious Fellowship
  3. �Who was the Iowa sisterhood�
    �Maria (Mary?) Safford Eleanor Gordon Marion Murdock Florence Buck Eliza Wilkes�
  4. �Cambridge Platform�
    �Sought to define church governance as revealed in scripture
  5. �Sunday school begins�
  6. �Ministerial Union�
    �Becomes UMA 1864�
  7. �1899
    Unitarians and Universalists did what?�
  8. �AUA and National Conference�
    �Nat'l conference starts to die as Bellows dies
  9. �CLF
    when and why�
  10. �UUSC�
    �Unitarian Service Committee in 1948
  11. �Merger
    causes and dates�
  12. �In order to send delegates to GA
    you need?�
  13. �President of the UUA Term�
    �-4 yrs
  14. �Winchester Profession�
    �1) Holy scripture contains revelations of god's nature
  15. �Henry Whitney Bellows�
    �created national conference in 1865
  16. �Bisbee trial�
    �Universalist preacher kicked out because of theology and preaching�
  17. �CLF�
    �1944 - AUA extension project
  18. �How do you get on to Board of Trustees�
    �Elected at GA during odd years
  19. �Robert West�
    �President after Grealey
  20. �UU World�
    �Established during Robert West's presidency (1969-77) in 1970
  21. �Arians and Socinians�
    �Arians: Jesus was mor than human and less than god
  22. �Presbytery v. Congregational�
    �Presbytery has more hierarchy
  23. �The why of the Cambridge Platform�
    �formalize American practices because of fear of presbyteryian tendencies in England
  24. �GA deligates and planning committee�
    �delegates get one vote at GA
  25. �Committee on Appraisal�
    �9 members elected
  26. �moderator�
    �presides over UUA board meetings
  27. �first Committee on Appraisal�
    �Unitarians face a new age
  28. �Charles Chauncy�
  29. �John Buehrens�
    �UUA president 1993-2001�
  30. �Rosh Hashanah�
    �Jewish new year�
  31. �Charles Hartshorne�
    �Process theology
  32. �Mary Safford�
    �Leader of Iowa Sisterhood
  33. �Norbert Capek�Chapeck"�
    �1870-1942: created flower communion
  34. �Egbert Ethelred Brown�
    �1875 Jamaica to 1956 in NY. Black Jamaican Unitarian minister
  35. �John Haynes Holmes�
    �1879 Philly - 1964 NY: staunch pacifist in WWI
  36. �Clarence Skinner�
    �1881-1949: Important 20th century Universalist leader
  37. �Curtis Reese�
    �1887-1961 Unitarian: fundamentalist * ->humanist
  38. �Frederick May Eliot�
    �1889-1958: second pres of AUA
  39. �John Dietrich�
    �one of founders/spokesman of humanist movement in early 20th cent Unitarianism
  40. �Sofia Lyon Fahs�
    �1876 China - 1978 Ohio: principle figure to remake RE in AUA 1930s
  41. �Kenneth Patton�
  42. �Hans Deutsch�
    �created the chalice
  43. �Dana McLean Greeley�
    �UUA president 1961-69
  44. �Robert West�
    �UUA president 1969-77
  45. �George de Benneville�
    �1703 England - 1793 PA
  46. �Frank O. Hall�
  47. �Phebe Hanaford�
    �One of first women ordained
  48. �William Sullivan�
  49. �UU Presidents�
    �Dana McLean Greeley 1961-69 Robert A. West 1969-77 Paul Carnes 1977-79 Eugene O. Pickett 1979-1985 William Shulz 1985-93 John Buehrens 1993-2001 Bill Sinkford 2001-2009 Also see Samuel Eliot and Frederick May Eliot�
  50. �Mary Livermore�
  51. �Julia Ward Howe�
  52. �Concept of Evil in Islam�
    �humanity is engaged in constant struggle between good and evil
  53. �Evil in UUism�
    �evil acts do not equal evil people
  54. �Evil in Buddhism�
    �suffering is inherent in life and can be overcome with 8-fold path
  55. �Compare Evil in Buddhism
  56. �tensions in history of our youth movement�
    �- who is in charge
  57. �Youth Mvmnt: funding
    social justice�
  58. �UUA polity/structure�
    �- is more Unitarian than Universalist in structure * - state conventions abandoned * - Association of congregations rather than a church unto itself like Universalist Church of America�
  59. �Theo claims of transcendentalism�
    �- internal consciousness has more authority than external sources * - god is indwelling presence in all * - revelation is constant * - all are of value * - soul can be trusted to interpret life untrammeled by tradtion�
  60. �How did transcendentalism phase out�
    �focus on social action rather than intelligent engagement as conflict over civil war and slavery errupted�
  61. �Thandeka's critique�
    �She says that JTW means that * - all whites are racist * - no blacks are racist * - whites must see and confess their racism * ---- and therefore
  62. �James Luther Adams�
    �Father was Baptist minister. JLA came to lib relig after struggle with his family's religion. Disciple of John Dietrich scientific humanism. Critic of libral religion in 1920- 30s. Rejected atomistic individualism. Voluntary association allows both advancement of ideas in history and retain individualism.�
  63. �John Murray Atwood�
    �Son of Universalist minister
  64. �Adin Ballou�
    �Cousin of Hosea Ballou. Came to Universalism after disagreeing with it. Helped start Hopedale Community in 1841. Taught pacifism.�
  65. �Hosea Ballou�
    �Most important Universalist leader/minister. Treatise on atonement: fused free thinking (of Ethan Allen)
  66. �Adin Ballou II (second)�
    �Hisotian of Universalism�
  67. �Henry Whitney Bellows�
    �1814-1882. Unitarian preacher at All Souls New York. Founded National Convetion of Unitarian Churches
  68. �Antoinette Louisa Brown Blackwell�
    �Pioneer women's rights. Oberlin
  69. �Francis Bowen�
    �Historian. Logician who criticized Emmerson's transcendentalism�
  70. �Egbert Ethelred Brown�
    �Unitarian minister who tried for 30 years to start church in Harlem. AME involved. Meadville for two years - had to push his way in. Started Jamaican Unitarian church. Frederick May Elliot finally supported him in 1930s.�
  71. �Olympia Brown�
    �Women's suffrage. One of first US women ordained. Itinerant Universalist preacher. Minister in Weymouth
  72. �William Ellery Channing�
    �Most important figure in American Unitarianism. 1803 - Federal St. church until his death. FSC gradually taken over by Ezra Stiles Gannett. Preached Unitarian Christianity. Never aligned with abolition
  73. �William Henry Channing�
    � Nephew of WE Channing. Collaborated with Freeman Clarke on the Western Messenger - transcendentalist/Unitarian publication. Assisted with Brook Farm�
  74. �Charles Chauncy�
    �1705-1787 leader of liberal Arminian theology in New England. Opposed Great Awakening . Supported national independence. After war
  75. �James Freeman Clarke�
    �1810-1888. Unitarian minister. Five points of the new theology. 1. Fatherhood of god
  76. �Maria Cook 1779-1835.�
    �Itinerant preacher in PA
  77. �Samuel Crothers�
    �1857-1927. Presbytarian to Unitarian minister.�
  78. �(Arthur) A. Powell Davies�
    � 1902-1957. Methodist to Unitarian. Minister of All Souls DC. Promoted civillian control of atomic energy and resisted McCarthyism.�
  79. �George De Benneville�
    �1703-1793. Son of French Huegenot parents. Preached Universalism in France
  80. �John Dietrich�
    �1878-1957. founder/spokesman of humanism. Met Curtis Reese and found support for humanism. Unitarian minister who set Minneapolis as a center of humanism�
  81. �Frederick May Elliot�
    �1889-1958. Leading 20th cent Unitarian churchman. Minister of Unity church
  82. �Samuel Atkins Elliot�
    �1862-1950. Minister Arlington Street Church. AUA secretary
  83. �Ralph Waldo Emmerson�
    �1803-1882. Minister Second Church Boston for 3 yrs. Leader of transcendentalism. Book nature promoted unity of god/nature/soul. 1838 divinity school addressed historical/miracle Christanity of Andrews Norton�
  84. �Sophia Fahs�
    �1876-1978. Principal fig in remaking RE. Responding to 1936 COA
  85. �James Freeman�
    �1759-1835. Minister of King's Chapel. Refuted doctrine of trinity and a new liturgy was established with Unitarian theology. Regarded as first preacher of Unitarianism in America
  86. �Sarah Margaret Fuller (Ossoli)�
    � 1810-1850. Margaret Fuller. Preeminent feminist thinker of her day. Extended transcendentalism arguments to feminism. Freinds with Emmerson and JF Clarke. Married Italian man
  87. �Ezra Stiles Gannett�
    �1801-1871. Minister at Federal Street Church under Channing. Helped form AUA in 1825. Secretary and prez of AUA. Supported ministry at large in urban areas and helped form Benevolent Fraternity of Churches.�
  88. �William Channing Gannet�
    � 1840-1923. Son of ES Gannett. Minister of many churches. Anti-slavery. Friend of JL Jones
  89. �Dana McLean Greeley�
    �1908-?. Minister of Arlington Street Church (which then included assumption of Second Universalist [of Ballou] and Church of Disciples. Leader in AUA and first prez of UUA. Also led the Unitarian Service Committee.�
  90. �Everet�Everything" Hale�
    � 1822-1909. With HW Bellows and JF Clarke tried to improve Unitarian organization through establishing the National Conference of Unitarian Churches in 1865. He is known for story telling and�Lend a Hand" clubs.�
  91. �Phebe Ann Coffin Hanford�
    � 1829-1921. Oradained to Universalist ministry in 1868. Converted to Universalism from Baptist. Minister at several churches. Published bio of American women.�
  92. �Charles Hartshorne�
    �1897-?. Professor of philosophy. Process theologian under AN Whitehead.�
  93. �John Haynes Holmes�
    �1879-1964. Unitarian minister. Student of FG Peabody. Religion must face the social question. Pacifist during WW I. Involved in ACLU and NAACP. Gandhi's chief American publicist.�
  94. �Julia Ward Howe�
    �1819-1916. Battle Hymn of the Republic. Anti-slavery and friend of Theodore Parker. Preached at JF Clarke's Church of Disciples.�
  95. �Harm Jan Huidekoper�
    �1776-1854. Fiounded Meadville Theological School.�
  96. �Samuel Johnson�
    �1822-1882. Radical non-dogmatic Unitarian minister. Persuaded the Unitarian congregation in Lynn
  97. �Jenkin Lloyd Jones�
    �1843-1918. Served in military during Civil War. Unitarian minister
  98. �Thomas Starr King�
    �1824-1864. Universalist and Unitarian minister. Persuaded California to the Union
  99. �Abner Kneeland�
    �1774-1844. Baptist origins. Became Universalist minister. Lost
  100. �Mary Livermore�
    �1820-1905. Rejected Calvinist upbringing. President of Woman Suffrage Association.�
  101. �Samuel Longfellow�
    �1819-1892. brother of HW Longfellow. Co-produced Hymns of the Spirit with Samuel Johnson. Transcendentalist who approved of corporate worship.�
  102. �Jonathan Mayhew�
    �1720-1766. Along with Charles Chauncy
  103. �John Murray�
    �1741-1815. Providentially becalmed/ran aground (1770). Father of American Universalism. George Washington's chaplain. Minister in Gloucester. Married Judith Sargent; Winthrop Sargent's widowed daughter. (Winthrop was a ship captain who helped Murray build the Glooucester church.�
  104. �Judith Sargent Murray�
    �Married to John Murray. Prominent American author - of poetry
  105. �Anders Norton�
    �1786-1853. Harvard proffessor/librarian. Main work was Geniusness of the Gospels which emphasized miracles. Big disagreement with Transcendentalism and Emmerson.�
  106. �Theodore Parker�
    �1810-1860. Transcendentalist with Emmerson and Ripley. Preached that miracles and inspiration of scripture were transient
  107. �Kenneth Patton�
    �1911-??. Unitarian minister who revitalized symbolism in worship. Called to Charles Street Meeting house (Universalist) to preach a religion for the future.�
  108. �Elizabeth Palmer Peabody�
    �1804-1894. Many achievments. Most notable in children's education. Transcendentalist friend of Emmerson
  109. �Francis Greenwood Peabody�
    �1847-1936. Most noted for the social gospel.�
  110. �Curtis Willford Reese�
    �1887-1961. Raised southern Baptist turned Unitarian. Humanist under JL Jones. Religion integrates personality around commitments/ideals. Very functional understanding of religion which became central to humanism.�
  111. �Benjamin Rush�
    �1745-1813. Medical doctor. Invluenced by Universalist Ellhanan Winchester. Enlightenment and religious thinker.�
  112. �Mary Augusta Safford�
    �1851-1927. Leader of Iowa sisterhood. Unitarian minister of several churches. Board of Director AUA. Director of Women's Unitarian Conference.�
  113. �Clarence Russell Skinner�
    �1881-1949. Most important 20th century Universalist leader. Led Universalism toward�this worldly" social religion. Secretary of Universalist Service Committee. Put the pulpit in the center of the Community Church Boston. Pioneered open forum.�
  114. �Joseph Tuckerman�
    �1778-1840. Pioneered urban ministry atlarge (community ministry). Unitarian. Under leadership of WE Channing and Henry Ware. Founded Benevolent Societies of Boston.�
  115. �Henry Ware�
    �1764-1845. Harvard professor. Contested Calvinism in pamphlet exchange. Father of Henry Ware Jr.�
  116. �Henry Ware Jr. 1794-1843.�
    �Leader in founding AUA. Wrote sermons
  117. �Henry Nelson Wieman�
    �1884-1975. Presbytarian minister. Professor of philosphy and religion UofC div schoo. Human interchange/communication as central to religious experience.�
  118. �Earl Morse Wilbur�
    �1866-1956. Historian of European Unitarianism. President of Pacific School of Religion/Starr King School for Ministry. Wrote two-volume Our Unitarian History
  119. �Elhanan Winchester�
    �1751-1797. Universalist preacher
  120. �Conrad Wright�
    �1917-??. Leading historian of American Unitarianism. Harvard professor of church history.�
  121. �Difference btwn associate member org and inependent affiliate org�
    � associate is comprised of people who are members of UUA or UU cong and the org mission supports principles of UUA affiliate is does not have to be comprised of UU people
  122. �CSAI process�
    �Submission of a CSAI topic to Commission on Socail Witness starts a 4 yr cycle. CoSW submits it to GA tentative agenda during first year. To make it to final agenda
  123. �Board of Trustees BOT�
    �Members: Prez (elected
  124. �Moderator and Prez of BOT�
    �Moderator: Chief governance officer
  125. �To Amend a bylaw�
    �- must have 2/3 vote to ammend regular bylaw (if the item is on the agenda) * - to ammend a�C-bylaw" it is two steps: a majority vote at GA gets it on the agenda
  126. �Professional Rights/Behavior intervention�
    �UUMA generally tries to handle issues * - express concern directly * - contact chapter good office person (Chap GOP) * - Chap GOP contacts Continental GOP * - if still not resolved complaintant send letter to committee on Ethics/Collegiality�
  127. �MFC consists of�
    �- 6 ministers in final fellowship (appointed by UUA BOT) * - 6 lay members (appointed by UUA BOT) * - two members appointed by UUMA board�
  128. *
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