history 12

  1. fdrs ideas are broadminded and pro-capitolism
    weekly radio broadcasts"fireside chats" were a boost to moral for a struggling society. his plans were a very flexible approach to fixing our problems.
    most oppositon to fdrs "new deal" came from the extremes on both the left and right
  2. as great depression raced through america(1929-1939).
    another problem was growing during the mid-1930's called the great drought in the midwest.
    • IN 1935- supreme court declares npa unconstitutional, and "NEW DEAL" begins.
    • works progres administration- WPA
    • national labor relations act-NLRA. allows workers to organize and bargain
    • soil conservation service- deals with soil collectivly, draughts, and taxes
    • public utility holding company act.(PUHC)
    • Social Security Act.(SSA)
  3. resettlement administration for farmers moving out
    rural electrification act- REA electricity
    Commitee for industrial organization-(CIO)
    Banking act- strengthens federal reserve
    revenue act- progressive tax system
    • 1936- rosevelt re-elected.
    • Autp workers sit down strikes across US
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