Geography Map Test

  1. Guatemala
    Largest of the Central American nations in population, but also on the poorest and politically troubled. The highlands by the Pacific Ocean contain the bulk of the population
  2. El Salvador
    The most densely populated. Does not have an agricultural frontier. A democratic government. Earthquakes in 2001.
  3. Honduras
    Sparsely settled. Along the coast, foreign-sponsored banana plantations and apparel-dominatd maquiladora plants contribute much of the nation's exports.
  4. Nicaragua
    At one point controlled by US from 1912-1933. Overthrown by Somoza family who by 1979 owned half the nation’s wealth. Most of the agriculture production comes from the lowland near Managua. Eastern part is sparsely populated. The Mosquito Indians dominate. Bananas weren’t ever important.
  5. Costa Rica
    Developed a socioeconomic middle class and a spirit of national unity. 96% of the population is literate and university bound. High quality coffee, cut flowers, and vegetables. Leader in nature-based ecotourism.
  6. Panama
    Owes its existence to its canal. Retailing, shipping, banking. Both English and Spanish are spoken by a majority of the population. U.S. currency is used everywhere.
  7. Cuba
    Contains over half the level land of the Caribbean islands. Tourism exploded when the capital became a mecca of nightclubs and gambling. Sugarcane is very important. Fidel Castro. One of the highest levels of collectivized land in the world.
  8. Puerto Rico
    Interior is hilly and mountainous, meaning the US only paid attention to the ribbon of level land on the outside of the island. Operation Bootstrap which was a three-pronged development plan that included industrialization, agricultural improvement, and expansion of tourism. Holds the status of a US commonwealth. People don’t pay US federal income taxes and do not vote in presidential elections.
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