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  1. -How is gross energy found?
    In a bomb calorimeter
  2. -A product that is labeled "in sauce" or "in gravy" has over what percent moisture content?
  3. -Who governs the label "organic" on animal feed products
  4. -Treats, in general should be limited to what percent of an animal's diet?
  5. -Which pet foods may or may not have to have a statement of adequacy on them?
    -Snacks and veterinary medical foods
  6. -BARF, a commonly used homemade diet, stands for what?
    -Bones and raw foods
  7. -This is the phenomenon whereby a homemade diet, in the hands of an owner, tends to deviate from the originally prescribed formula
    "Diet Drift"
  8. -Name 3 common nutritional errors made with homemade diets
    -Excess protein/fat, Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) deficiencies, Calcium/micromineral def., vitamin def., feline nutritional peculiarities
  9. -Name 3 potential problems with Raw food diets
    -Time consuming, nutritional imbalances, GI foreign bodies, dental issues, obstipation, food safety, and lab normals
  10. -What are the three major pathogens we are concerned with with raw food diets?
    -Campylobacter Jejuni, E.Coli, Salmonella
  11. -What does AAFCO stand for?
    -Association of American Feed Control Officials
  12. -What are the three things required on the principle display panel?
    -Product Identity, Designator, Net Weight
  13. -A guaranteed analysis must contain what information
    -Crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, moisture REMEMBER ASH IS OPTIONAL!!!
  14. -T/F, the statement "complete for all life stages" makes a food ideal for the geriatric animal
  15. -What is another term (acronym) for the carbohydrate component of a proximal analysis
    -NFE: Nitrogen Free Extract
  16. -In order to calculate the amount of protein in a food, you multiply the percent nitrogen by what?
  17. -To extract the fat portion of a feed, what method is employed
    -Ether extraction
  18. -What is the formula for RER in an animal between 2-45 kgs?
    30(Ideal weight in kgs) +70
  19. -Specialty brands, sold in pet stores or vet clinics, have an emphasis on what in manufacturing their products?
    -Ingredients and optimal nutrition
  20. -Dry foods have what percent moisture?
  21. -Moist foods have what percent moisture?
  22. -T/F treats can be fed as the sole source of nutrition for animals
    -True, if they are complete and balanced
  23. -A product that is 75% moisture and 10% protein as fed, is approximately what percent protein on a dry matter basis?
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