GRE Sentence Completions

  1. British modernists used the literary tropes of fragmentation and failure to explore the impending ________ of British colonialism.; through their literature, the modernists illustrated the imminent ___________ of the Empire.

    E. demise...sunset.
  2. Although one would think it impossible to design ________ definition for such a subjective concept, the French have defined the world's geatest cuisine as that which does the most with th eleast, using their innumerable varieties of cheese as verifiable proof.

    D. an empirical. We're looking for the opposite of subjective, in other words, objective. It must also be verifiable. Empirical means observable and verifiable.
  3. The development of hydrogen-powered cars will always be _________ by the physical fact that, although hydrogen contains more energy per gallon than does gasoline, it is much less dense than gasoline, and thus carries less energy per pound, making it ________ for any vehicle to carry enough hydrogen on board for long trips.

    B. hindered...exacting. Exacting means very demanding or requiring careful attention and precision.
  4. The prosecutor failed to make a ______ argument; despite a surfeit of ________ to bolster his claims, he left the jury little choice but to acquit the defendant.

    C. cogent...substantiation.

    C. peroration is the end of a speech or a highly rhetorical speech.

    D> trenchant means keen or sharp.
  5. Dr. Hanash would never entirely abjure the often ______ article; despite its many detractors, the work ________ polemic discourse for years after its publication and remains pervasive in the literature today.

    B. traduced...engendered. The words abjure and detractors makes you infer that the article was often criticized. Traduce means to violate, betray or expose to shame through misrepresentations.
  6. Bolstered in part by the ______ economy, the "decluttering" movement has expanded its following to include those initiates who have _____ purged existences in order to prioritize their financial, as well as emotional, necessities.

    D. flagging...embraced.
  7. Because astronomers are growing increasingly accurate in their attempts to measure celestial distances, one should not take the current
    numbers as------; therefore, I find the author’s insistence that his numbers are mathematically exact to be completely------.

    E. immutable . . erroneous
  8. The Ottomans, who developed bureaucratic systems of governing long before the ancient Romans, were also indefatigable about keeping official documentation, and, as a result, are noted for having the world's most extensive ------ of civil proceedings.

    A. chronicle
  9. The division between child-rearing goals that emphasize originality and personalization and those that place emphasis on adoption of conventions and compliance with rules discloses a ------ that stems from the principles on which these goals are based.

    E. contradiction. The clue is "division between child-rearing goals.” Therefore, find a word similar to “discrepancy.” CONTRADICTION is the best match for “discrepancy.”
  10. Although he asserted that his theology was derived from ------ school of thought, it actually utilizes conventions from many religions and so it rightfully could be described as having ------ origins.

    A. a particular. .diverse. The clue is that his theology “utilizes conventions from many religions.” The trigger word is “although.” So the word for the first blank should mean something like “only one.” The second blank must mean the same as the clue, “utilizing many conventions.”
  11. Her nonchalance in the face of testimony suggesting her purposeful deceit did not reassure would-be followers of her fundamental ------; rather it implied a gift for ------ that they had not anticipated.

    C. veracity. . cunning
  12. Following the inclusion of ------ to counteract the ------ of populist legislatures, prominent social commentators still remained disquieted over the proposal to grant greater spending power to elected officials.

    B. checks. .profligacy
  13. The plot and stock roles in kabuki theater can be so easily ------ that spectators can spontaneously vocalize their dismay with an evil character with an air of disdainful but pleasurable ------.

    B. discerned . . indignation.
  14. Linguists ------ geographically remote settings such as the Aleutian Islands, because, in such isolated, controllable settings, the abundant conglomeration of accents and dialects is diluted to a technically ------

    A. value . . wieldy.
  15. Voters have become so inured to the fickle nature of
    politicians that they responded to the levy of a new tax with -------.

    E. stolidity. Inured means having become accustomed to something undesirable and stolidity means unemotional.
  16. To examine the ------- of importing concepts from one discipline to enhance another, merely look at the degree to which words from the first may, without distortion, be ------- the second.

    B. validity. .employed by
  17. The American public venerates medical researchers because the researchers make frequent discoveries of tremendous humanitarian consequence; however, the daily routines of scientists are largely made up of result
    verification and statistical analysis, making their occupation seem -------.

    C. quotidian. Quotidian means mundane, commonplace or ordinary.
  18. After screenwriter Neil Jordan's most recent work opened in selected urban areas, many theatergoers were -------, but after pundits expressed their -------, appreciation of the film increased and distribution

    D. skeptical. .approbation
  19. If one were to attribute human characteristics to animals, the domestic cat could be said to be one of the most ------, seeming to have an inordinate concern with its own cleanliness.

    D. fastdious. Fastidious means having high standards and being meticulous, demanding and difficult to please.

    B. Recalcitrant means obstinately defiant to authority or restraint, resistant, not responsive to treatment.

    D. Dubious means uncertain or doubtful.
  20. The human race is a very ------ species, as the facade of calm that covers our anxiety and ------ is flimsy and is effortlessly ruptured.

    B. fragile . . vulnerability
  21. Political predictions generally prove fairly accurate when the presumption that the future will be similar to the past is ------; in periods with substantial ------ in the political world, however, predictions can be perilously wrong.

    D. fulfilled . . changes
  22. In contrast to physicists who base their research on
    scientific theory, he modeled his procedure on rigorous ------; despite the fact that his method was less sophisticated, his results were ------ sound.

    C. observation. .factually
  23. The ------ of early metaphysicians’ efforts to decipher the workings of the universe led some later thinkers to question the ------ of man’s intellectual capabilities.

    B. failings. .adeptness
  24. Being gracious should not be mistaken for a ------
    characteristic of men’s personalities; it is instead a fundamental virtue, one whose very state of being is increasingly ------ by the fashionable directive to
    “say what you feel.”

    D. trivial. .imperiled
  25. The extent of human ------- is often surprising: despite the frequent assertions of the selfishness of modern man, when faced with human tragedy, people often act in ways that ------- perceptions of their unwillingness to sacrifice.

    E. compassion. .belie
  26. In many suspense novels written during the 1980’s, the struggle of democratic and communist powers is represented by a ------- of the hero, who ------- inventiveness and impartiality, with a villain who is usually inflexible and tyrannical.

    B. juxtaposition. .demonstrates
  27. Just as midwifery was for hundreds of years ------- practice, something that women retained control over for themselves, so too the increasingly independent role of the midwife in the process of childbirth is a
    ------- domination by institutional medicine.

    B. an autonomous. .liberation from
  28. Theoretical physicists who are at the forefront of scientific innovation frequently must defy common sense and make apparently ------ presuppositions because accepted theorems simply cannot ------ new empirical findings.

    B. ludicrous. .incorporate
  29. Although analysts maintain that experienced film producers can make profits in the film industry, even ---- information is insufficient; the film world is so capricious that, in comparison, Wall Street prices are

    C. an intimate’s. .foreseeable
  30. In a vitriolic message to his troops, General Patton insisted that he would ------- no further insubordination, no matter how barbarous the ensuing engagements might become.

    C. brook. Brook means to stand for or tolerate.
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