PSCI 100 Midterm

  1. Why is the media important in American politics?
    • The media is important in politics because it is an easy way
    • for people to obtain information about what is going on in the government. As
    • American lives have gotten busier people have spent less time being involved in
    • politics and now rely on the quickest and easiest up date of the current events
    • that concern them. This has led to people putting a lot of faith and trust into
    • the media with their own well being. The trust that Americans have in the media
    • has now increased the responsibility that the media has to report the news fair
    • and balanced and not frame news in the way they want it to be seen.
  2. How does media influence impact election campaigns, public
    opinion, and government officials?
    The media has influence over the elections in many different ways.
  3. How does media influence impact election campaigns, public
    opinion, and government officials?

    • By following and reporting on the campaigns run by the
    • different candidates the news channels are giving them free publicity.
    • Candidates are able to reach less engaged voters across party lines by getting
    • the media to pick up on their “soft news” stories. KR395. The media has been
    • making it possible since 1976 for more people to see the presidential debate
    • than ever before. This has become a main focal point in the elections.
  4. How does media influence impact election campaigns, public
    opinion, and government officials?
    - Public Opinion
    • Political scientist acknowledge that ideological bias may
    • exist in the media but the media tells us what to think about and not what to
    • think. This may be true and the media may not say vote for this candidate but
    • there is a lot of emphasis put on how a topic is framed. If the media frames a
    • topic in any certain way it is just as bad as telling the population what to
    • think because most Americans don’t give much thought to politics and the ones
    • that do will do the proper research and come to there own conclusions. KR pg. 423
  5. How does media influence impact election campaigns, public
    opinion, and government officials?
    -Government Officials
    • The media has power over government officials even if we
    • don’t see it. The media reports on what the government does which is the most
    • blatant way that it has influence because the gov. officials do not want to be
    • portrayed in a bad light and have there approval ratings drop. Another way that
    • the media has influence over the government officials is by agenda setting
    • through priming. Priming refers to the way that the media influence how people
    • and events should be evaluated by things they emphasize as important. If the
    • media is focused on the crime rate in the country, then government officials
    • will be evaluating how well they are dealing with crime. If the media
    • emphasizes the environment then government officials will evaluate how they are
    • being environmentally friendly. KR pg. 423
  6. How well does the media perform its function as the “fourth
    branch” of government?
    • The media can be looked at as an important source for people
    • to obtain information about the government. However, I do not believe that it
    • can be considered the fourth branch of government. One can argue that the media
    • keeps the different branches of government in check by reporting on their
    • shortcomings. However, the three branches of government have checks and
    • balances that go both ways, because of the first amendments freedom of the
    • press the media does not have a constitutional way for the government to have a
    • check on it. As far as the media having a check on the government they
    • definitely have significant influence. However, I wouldn’t say that it was a
    • check on the government as much as it is a manipulation on the government and
    • what the government focuses on as important issues.
  7. What role does Congress play in American government? notes
    • Congress is the representation of the people through the
    • house and senate.

    They create and pass laws.

    The House has the power to create all bills to raise revenue
  8. What role does Congress play in American government?
    • Congress plays a very important role in our government and
    • is what makes us a representative republic. The legislative branch of
    • government was originally created to give the people there voice which is why
    • the House of Representatives has one representative for every 30,000 people in
    • that state and the Senate has 2 representatives for each state. The two houses
    • provide for equal representation for largely populated areas as well as the
    • small states. Congress has the ability to create and pass laws that the people
    • want. This government is in my opinion the most important branch because it is
    • the branch that citizens are supposed to be the number one priority.
  9. What power does the Constitution give to Congress? notes
    • Congress and the president share responsibilities for
    • foreign affairs and defense

    • Post WWII presidents have been taking national security into
    • there own hands for their own prerogatives

    • Congress has the authority to declare war; the presidents
    • have been recently been asserting rights they do not have to declare war (since
    • 1945 three major wars resulting in tens of thousands casualties have been
    • presidentially initiated)*

    • The senate’s participation is required for treaties to be
    • signed; often is replace by executive agreements (not required)

    • They can impeach the president. House of representatives
    • Constitution Article I section 2

    • Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments
    • Constitution Article I section 3

    Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes

    • Regulate money, establish post offices, declare war, raise
    • and support armies, maintain a navy U.S. Constitution Article I section 8
  10. What power does the Constitution give to Congress? essay
    • The U.S. Constitution outline the rights and
    • responsibilities given to Congress in the first article of the Constitution.
    • This Article gives the Legislative branch the authority to maintain a standing
    • army and navy and declare war. However, since 1950 Presidents have taken there
    • position as Commander and chief to meant that they can declare war. Beginning
    • with President Truman and the war in Korea and then President Kennedy and the
    • war in Vietnam and finally most recent was President George W. Bush and the war
    • in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress and the president share responsibilities for
    • foreign affairs and defense and as outlined in the constitution are to
    • collaborate on treaties or a t least the treaties are to be signed by the
    • Senate. The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the right to
    • impeach the president (article I section 2) and any impeachment put forth by
    • the House of Representatives may be reviewed by the senate (article I section
    • 3). Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes, regulate and print money,
    • and establish a national post office (article I section 8).
  11. How can Congress Check the Powers of the Executive
    (President) and Judiciary (Supreme Court)?
    • In order to have an effective federal government and not
    • have a monarchy our Founders set up checks and balances on each branch of
    • government to keep us a representative republic. The Legislative branch is able
    • to check the Executive branch by approving the Presidents appointments for the
    • judiciary; they can over throw the Presidents veto and can impeach the
    • president. Congress is able to check the Judicial branch by approving the
    • presidential appointments and is can also impeach a judge and remove them from
    • office.
  12. What does the recent struggle over health care reform reveal
    about how Congress works?
    • Through the recent struggle of the
    • health care reform in Congress it has become apparent that the partisan ship in
    • the two houses has caused major difficulties in getting this highly
    • controversial bill passed. Some may argue that the health care bill should
    • hurry up and get passed. Although
    • I do not agree that Congress should waste time and constantly filibuster I do
    • think that they should take there time discussing a bill of this magnitude. If
    • people believe that Congress should hurry up and pass the bill they should
    • think of the opposite extreme of a bill being quickly passed through congress
    • that did not end up being in the best interest of the people, the Patriot Act.
    • This act was passed approximately 45 days after the September 11th
    • attacks. This bill was later found to breech citizen’s constitutional rights. I
    • think this is part to blame on the rush that congress and the executive were to
    • pass the bill.
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