trends 6

  1. what is the hallmark of a well educated person
    critical thinking
  2. when do people show the ability to critically think?
    • 1. think beyond what is said or shown
    • 2. consider related options
    • 3. evaluate and make decisions based on resources
  3. what does critical thinking allow a person to do?
    move beyond the here and now
  4. what is an essential aspect of critical thinking
    thorough thinking
  5. what are 3 things you should NOT do when using critical thinking/thorough thinking
    • 1. use gut reactions
    • 2. unquestionably follow rules
    • 3. respond to pressures of society
  6. what is the "aha" moment considered to be a result of?
    creative and critical thinking
  7. what are the rules of brainstorming
    • 1. every idea is a good idea
    • 2. set a time limit
  8. what are the purposes of brainstorming
    • 1. find solutions
    • 2. create plans
    • 3. discover new ideas
    • 4. generate ideas
  9. what does being creative require
  10. who discovered the smallpox vaccine
    edward jenner
  11. who discovered penicillin
    alexander fleming
  12. what is paradigm
    a way of thinking or looking at something
  13. what is the highest level of critical thinking
    being able to change your mind
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