1. SOG 437 overhaul
    Reduce potential for disease, injury from cuts, sprains, strains, and heat exhaustion in JFRD personnel by complying with laws and standards ect.
  2. SOG 437 overhaul
    Firefighters are exposed to high levels of known__ during overhaul____are present as well. The concentrations found exceed ____
    • Occupational Carcinogens
    • Volatile organtic compounds (VOC)
    • Permissible exposure limits (PEL) and immediately dangerous to life and health limmits
  3. SOG 437 overhaul
    • Permissible exposure limits
    • immediately dangerous to life and health
  4. SOG 437 overhaul
    Fires are now divided into two separate phases
    Extinguishment and overhaul
  5. SOG 437 overhaul
    On all W-3's after "under control "is called by IC. FRCC will
    Ask IC if relief crews are needed
  6. SOG 437 overhaul
    If relief crews are needed ___ will be dispatched.
    1 engine and 1 ladder
  7. SOG 437 overhaul
    •Relief crews•
    On larger fires, such as 2nd alarms
  8. SOG 437 overhaul
    Relief crews 2nd alarm
    These crews, unless otherwise instructed, will be contacted by FRCC either
    by ____ prior to dispatch and advised to___
    • red phone or radio
    • Respond on 15 status
  9. SOG 437 overhaul
    Upon arrival the CO of the relief crew will____.
    And begin____
    • Make contact with the IC
    • A size up of the structure
  10. SOG 437 overhaul
    Relief crews-
    Purpose of size-up
    Identify hot spots and hazardous areas of the structure
  11. SOG 437 overhaul
    Who will ensure that members do not enter the post 77 structure without PPE and SCBA donned
    All officers
  12. SOG 437 overhaul
    Once over haul begins who is responsible for air monitoring and documentation of results in their report?
    Safety officer or CO designated by the IC
  13. SOG 437 overhaul
    Members may enter and work in the environment only when what conditions are met
    Confirmation of a clean atmosphere and the IC HAS Approved working in the environment
  14. SOG 437 overhaul
    __ will use ___ to make sure the atmosphere within the structure is within acceptable limits before ___
    • Safety officer or CO designated by the IC
    • His air monitor
    • Turning the scene over to the owner
  15. SOG 437 overhaul
    The readings are___ and not open for interpretation
    OSHA law
  16. SOG 437 overhaul
    Readings on the 4- gas meter must be within
    • CO-<9ppm
    • O2-19.5%-23.5%
    • H2S-<10ppm
    • LEL-0%
  17. SOG 437 overhaul
    Readings on the 5- gas meter must be within
    • CO-<9 ppm
    • O2-19.5%-23.5%
    • HCN-0%
    • LEL-0%
    • VOC-0 ppm
  18. SOG 437 overhaul
    Air monitors report-
    IC report-
    • Gas readings in JFIRS
    • ensure that task (gas meter readings ) is assigned and will document the company it was assigned to
    provide ___ before starting the job.
    Adequate lighting
    Make sure an adequate___ If not make one in the___
    • exhaust opening is a avilable.
    • Least damaging way possible.
  21. SOG 437 overhaul
    ___ in coordination with___ should make sure the building is structurally sound prior to anyone entering
    • The safety officer
    • COs
  22. SOG 437 overhaul
    All personnel performing tasks should maintain
    Situational awareness at all times
  23. SOG 437 overhaul
    The goal is to___looking for___ and to open up until___
    • Open up walls and ceilings the
    • Hidden fire
    • Clean, uncharred wood is found
  24. SOG 437 overhaul
    Pay close attention___
    Around the trim work of windows, doors and baseboards
  25. SOG 437 overhaul
    When overhaul is finished,___
    Officers will perform final inspection.
  26. SOG 437 overhaul
    Close up structure with___cover holes in
    • Felt paper or visqueen.
    • Roofs if possible
    to provide for the___of persons who are trapped. Successful methods can range from___
    • Systematic removal
    • The very basic to highly technical stabilization, extracation, and lifting techniques
    The extrication scene may involve___which should be...
    • Numerous hazards
    • Constantly assessed by ons ene personnel
    ___ will maintain the integrity of the action circle
    Full PPE shall include...
    SCBA and face-piece where the posibility of respiratory harm exist
    All personnel and tools will be staged at
    An area outside the action circle
  32. *Signal 25-406
    •Sector responsibilities•
    Search and rescue -
    • Determines area to search
    • Coordinates primary and secondary searches
    • If victims are found advises IC of their ability to bring them out or if additional personnel will be needed.
  33. High rise•
    The __ should be open at the roof. The__should be open at the fire floor only
  34. If___are present PPV should be applied to pressurize the stair wells
    Smoke or fire
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