SOP (exam)

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  1. Before being considered as having made relief, personnel shall accomplish the following:
    • 1. Placed their safety equipment on the apparatus
    • 2. Checked out SCBA and PASS alarm.
    • 3. Reported directly to eigher CO or person being releaved.
  2. Personnel that wish to be away from their regularly schedule work location must:
    Obtain permission from the district chief
  3. ___, the district kchiefs may waive the 6 hour notice.
    In the event of an emergency or extenuating ircumstances
  4. When a leave request is submitted in the resource management system that effects staffing for the next calendar day, the individual making request
    notify the CO on-duty immediately. That CO shall then notify the district chief asap
  5. ___ are responsible for leave request being submitted for personnel under their supervision.
  6. ___ will be considered before approving or disapproving any leave request.
    Training, job efficiency,
  7. Personnel calling in sick shall notify
    the on duty company officer at their assigned station no later than 0730 on their scheduled duty day of There intention not to report for duty
  8. Personnel intending to report for duty on the same shift for which they were granted sick leave shall contact the ___ must be done at least ____
    Prior to returning to work.
    • CO at heir assigned station directly.
    • 1 hour
  9. -Bereavement leave-
    Upon return to duty,proper documentation must be provided to the ____. This shall include
    • 1. Name of deceased
    • 2. Relationsip
    • 3. Date of funerel
    • 4. Location of burial
  10. Military leave ____ hrs
    Not more than 240
  11. Employees requesting military leave are responsible for notifying____ of the such dates for such leave
    Their supervisor
  12. The employee shall provide his ___ with a copy of the ___ at the time he requests military leave.
    • Supervisor
    • Official set of orders
  13. Employees who are required to attend regularly scheduled training throughout the year, must___to attend these military training assemblies when they are scheduled to...
    • Apply for leave
    • Be on duty
  14. Employees who are requesting military leave will also print out a____of the___, attach a copy of____to it, and forward it to the____ to be filed.
    Hard copy, military leave request, official military orders, addministrative aid
  15. Personnel are subject to be recalled during___. Failure to respond after___ shall be subject to disciplinary action may be exempt with approved leave. This exemption does not apply during periods of ____
    • Emergencies
    • Proper notification
    • General emergencies
  16. Procedure following an inspection by a state or federal agency
    • 1.Notify district chief
    • 2. Notify feild safety officer or division chief of training and advise of results
    • 3. If citation is issued, forward it to the feild safety officer by hand. If unable to hand deliver contact the district chief on that same day
  17. Personnel on floor watch shall remain in. Close proximity to____ and ____;band shall be responsible for the proper ____ of all alarms and messages to station personnel
    • Telephones and alarm terminals
    • Reciet and relay
  18. Time limit for visitors
    Limited to a reasonable duration
  19. Phone calls Received during______ shall be terminated quickly
    Training, physical fittness, or apparatus back in service
  20. ___ approves long distance calls
  21. Lost, found, stolen, or damaged shall be reported to
  22. Personnel involved in the initial attack stages of fire suppression are to wear
    Issued turnout gloves
  23. Gloves shall be properly inspected after___ to determine
    • Each use
    • All seams are intact and no cuts or tears hve occured
  24. Helmets are to be worn...
    On all fireground operations or other hazardous situations
  25. Helmets shall be maintained...
    Per manufacturers' recomendations
  26. Personnel are to wear turnout boots during
    All fireground situations and during hazardous involving chemicals
  27. Boots shall be inspected___ to determine if
    Any cuts, tears, punctures, ect... Have occured
  28. Helmets will be marked with
    The appropriate rank designition
  29. ___ must be used when operating or testing any power tools
    Proper eye protection
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