Ugly fish menu

  1. Black Tiger Prawns with Thai Basil?
    • Tiger Prawns with thai basil in our delicious Kaffir lime leaf sauce.
    • Ground pork in sauce.
  2. Tango in Snow Roll?
    Imitation Crab mix, white tuna, & fish Roe rolled in Seaweed & Rice. Topped with white tuna, green onions, fried garlic, & fish roe.
  3. Wok Toss Black Tiger Prawns with Black Bean Sauce?
    Tiger Prawns wok tossed with our black bean sauce.
  4. Monkey Roll?
    Spicy tuna inside a mushroom then deep fried with tempura batter. Drizzled with eel sauce.
  5. Hawaii Roll?
    Spicy tuna, imitation crab mix & avocado rolled in seaweed & rice. Topped with Hawaii tuna then drizzled with ponzu sauce & chili oil.
  6. Tuna?
  7. Pearl Roll?
    Yellowtail & tuna with avocado & masago, rolled in cucumber, then drizzled with ponzu sauce & chili oil.
  8. Shanghai wine red raised pork shank?
    • OSSO BOCU- bone with a hole.
    • Sauce-wine, soy sauce, & sugar.
  9. Volcano?
    Imitation crab mix, spicy tuna, & avocado, deep fried with tempura batter and then topped with spicy scallops.
  10. Filet mignon with kaffir lime leaves?
    10oz filet mignon steak with kaffir lime leaves served with mashed potatoes & asparagus.
  11. Crab Harumaki?
    • Japanese style egg roll with fresh dungeness crab, shitake mushroom, deep fried till golden brown. Served with spicy ponzu dipping sauce. 3 per order- 6pieces
    • Hot appetizer.
  12. Grilled drunken salmon with white miso?
    Salmon marinated in miso & sake. Grilled to perfection on a bed of glass noodles.
  13. What are glass noodles made of?
    Starch & Water.
  14. Ugly Fish Roll?
    Salmon, fish roe rolled in seaweed & rice topped with fresh salmon & lime juice.
  15. Live maine Lobster or Crab?
    • Wok fried Lobster or Crab with chef special scallions
    • With ginger garlic black peper sauce.
    • Or Spicy hot black bean sauce.
  16. Grilled New York Steak with Teriyaki Sauce?
    • Teriyaki Beef
    • 10oz New York Steak grilled to liking served with mashed potatoes & stir fried seasonal veggies.
  17. Banzai Roll?
    Salmon, eel, cream cheese, crab,avocado rolled in rice & seaweed. Baked with dynamite sauce.
  18. Ugly Fish?
    Crispy fresh rock fish (red snapper, or orange roughy) glazed with sweet balsamic vinegar. Served with stir fried daily green veggies.
  19. BBQ Sampler?
    • BBQ Peking duck & BBQ pork. Served with hot mustard and duck sauce.
    • Hot appetizer.
  20. Steam dumpling Szechwan Style?
    • Pork dumpling served either steamed or fried with sweet soy sauce, & red chili oil sauce.
    • Hot appetizer.
  21. Lobster Roll?
    California roll, topped with baby lobsters, topped with lobster and eel sauce, & baked.
  22. Washington Roll?
    Imitation crab mix, salmon & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed topped with fresh salmon then drizzled with lobster sauce & eel sauce.
  23. Alaska Roll?
    Crab, avocado, & asparagus rolled in seaweed & rice. Topped with salmon then baked with lobster & eel sauce.
  24. Korean BBQ Beef Short ribs?
    • Served on a sizzling hot plate. Beef short ribs are marinated in BBQ sauce.
    • Korean Sauce is a secret sauce.
  25. Dynamite Roll?
    Cali roll baked with scallops in a dynamite sauce & eel sauce.
  26. Szechwan Spicy Scallops?
    Szechwan style scallops with bell peppers, water chestnuts, & whole red chili peppers in a Szechwan sweet soy sauce.
  27. Oyster with mint lime salsa?
    • Raw oyster topped with our mint lime salsa.
    • Cold appetizer.
  28. Chilled Drunken Chicken topped with Shaved Shao xing wine ice?
    • Free range Chicken marinated in wine with edamame & ginkgo topped with a chinese shaved shao xing wine ice.
    • Hot appetizer.
  29. Mandarin Dumpling?
    • Fresh Handmade dumpling with your choice of shrimp with sweet squash (fried) or pork with seasonal veggies (steamed). Served with garlic ginger dressing. 5per order.
    • Hot appetizer.
  30. Steamed Clam. Sea scallop with cucumber salsa?
    • Steamed clam with sea scallops. served with cucumber salsa.
    • Salsa- cucumber, tomato, & onion.
    • Hot appetizer.
  31. Dynamite Hot App?
    • Assorted seafood (chefs choice) with mushroom baked with our special sweet & rich dynamite sauce.
    • Hot appetizer.
  32. Octopus?
  33. Oyster?
  34. Scallop?
    Hotate Gai
  35. Crispy Chicken?
    • Free range CK deep fried til crispy.
    • Hot appetizer.
  36. Crispy Calamari?
    • Deep fried Calamari with jalapeno dipping sauce.
    • Hot appetizer.
  37. Steamed Black tiger prawns?
    • Steamed tiger prawns with our black pepper garlic sauce.
    • Hot appetizer.
  38. Red dragon Roll?
    Spicy Tuna, imitation crab, & avocado, rolled in seaweed & rice topped with fresh tuna.
  39. Shrimp avocado tower?
    Shrimp & avocado made into a tower. Drizzled with avocado sauce.
  40. Sushi Combination?
    Chef selections of 8 piece nigiri sushi & a cali roll.
  41. What roles are deep fried?
    • Grand Canyon
    • Volcano
    • Monkey
    • Heart Attack
  42. Rainbow Beef Salad?
    Grilled beef steak (well done), with mixed greens with cucumbers, and green peppers. Tossed in our Thai Spicy lime kaffir dressing.
  43. Egg Flower Soup?
    Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, & egg.
  44. Uni or oyster shooter?
    • Served with mint lime house sake.
    • Cold appetizer.
  45. Mandarin Garden Salad?
    Mandarin style salad with carrot, onion, and cucmber, with ginger miso dressing.
  46. Ugly Fish sashimi salad?
    • Assorted fish (chefs choice) with cucumber, and avocado, in wasabi ponzu dressing.
    • Cold Appetizer.
  47. Lavendar green apple salad?
    Baby Spinach with green apple tossed in a honey lavendar vinegarette dressing.
  48. Golden egg fried rice?
    Rice, eggs, carrots, & peas.
  49. What do all thai dishes include?
    Fish Sauce.
  50. Stir fried soft noodle?
    Assorted veggies (chefs choice) with your choice of shrimp, beef, ck, or BBQ Pork.
  51. Chefs Fried Rice?
    Stir fried BBQ pork & shrimp with veggies (carrots, green onions, and peas)
  52. Whats in black bean sauce?
    Oil, garlic, black beans.
  53. Glass noodle with assorted veggies?
    • Boiled glass (cellophane) noodles then stir fried with seasonal veggies with your choice of beef or ck.
    • White chicken.
  54. Peking roast duck?
    • Half duck- 2 course meal
    • -duck salad (mixed greens & walnut with orange ginger miso dressing) or duck soup
    • -table carved roasted duck with cucumber scallions & hoisin sauce wrapped in a pancake.
    • Whole duck- 3 course meal
    • -both 2 up top
    • -wok fried duck with black bean sauce. Duck stir fried bell pepper, onions in BBS.
  55. Taiwan style stir fried noodle?
    Rice noodles stir fried with seasonal veggies.
  56. Pad Thai Noodle?
    Stir fried rice noodles with eggs, bean sprout, fish sauce, with your choice of ck breast or shrimp topped with ground peanuts.
  57. Tai Carpaccio?
    • Thin sliced red snapper sashimi served with vinegar dressing.
    • Cold appetizer.
  58. Clam Miso Soup?
    Clam in a miso paste soup.
  59. Shanghai Hot & Sour Soup?
    Egg, tofu, black fungus, bamboo slices, & carrots.
  60. Won Ton Soup?
    Pork inside wonton. Veggies & BBQ pork in broth.
  61. Spider Roll?
    Imitation Crab mix, soft shell crab (deep fried) & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed.
  62. Beef rib Hot Pot?
    Thinly sliced beef, beef ribs with assorted veggies in a sweet stew sauce.
  63. Seafood Hot Pot?
    Assorted seafood (clams, shrimp, scallops, oyster, salmon & tofu) & assorted veggies.
  64. Duck Soup?
    Duck & napa cabbage. Duck is boiled for hrs.
  65. Las Vegas Roll?
    Imitation crab mix, avocado, asparagus, shrimp tempura, Topped with spicy tuna, lobster, and eel sauce.
  66. Bruce Lee Roll?
    Tuna, avocado, & cucumber, rolled in seaweed & rice, then drizzled with siracha chili paste.
  67. Crab Cheese Wonton?
    • Crab mixed with cream cheese, wrapped in wonton wrapper, deep fried till golden brown. Served with S & S dipping sauce. 4 per order.
    • Hot appetizer.
  68. White Tuna?
    White Escular.
  69. Sweet Shrimp?
    Ama Ebi.
  70. Yellowtail Belly?
    Hamachi toro.
  71. Sea Urchin?
  72. Red Snapper?
  73. Smelt Roe?
  74. Salmon?
  75. Macherel?
  76. Yellowtail?
  77. Blue Fin Tuna?
    Blue Fin Maguro.
  78. Fly Fish Roe?
  79. Ginkgo?
    Red Beans.
  80. Quail Egg?
  81. Blue Fin Belly?
    Blue Fin Toro.
  82. Shrimp?
  83. Albacore?
    Shiro Maguro.
  84. Vegetable Spring Roll?
    • Cabbage, carrots, onion, & celery in a spring roll wrapper deep fried till golden brown. Served with S & S sauce. 3 per order.
    • Hot appetizer.
  85. Steam Soy Bean
    • Sprinkled with sea salt.
    • Hot appetizer.
  86. Tempura Udon Soup?
    Tempura Udon noodle & veggies.
  87. Cucumber Roll?
    • Cucumber rolled in rice & seaweed.
    • Seaweed is on the outside.
  88. Dragon Roll?
    Imitation crab mix, eel, & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed. Topped with eel & sliced avocado.
  89. Tigers Eye?
    • Salmon, cream cheese, & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed.
    • Seaweed is on outside.
  90. Fresh Water Eel?
  91. Sunset Beach Roll?
    • Yellowtail, tuna, & avocado, rolled in rice & seaweed.
    • Seaweed is on the outside.
  92. Rainbow Roll?
    Imitation crab mix & avocado rolled with rice & seaweed. Topped with 5 diff. fish ( Tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, salmon, & whitefish) in between each fish is sliced avocado.
  93. Shrimp Tempura Roll?
    Shrimp (battered in tempura & then deep fried), imitation crab mix & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed. Drizzled with eel sauce.
  94. Caterpillar Roll?
    BBQ eel, imitation crab mix, rolled in rice & seaweed. Topped with a half of avocado sliced. Drizzled with sweet eel sauce.
  95. Crunchy Roll?
    Imitation crab mix, shrimp tempura, & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed topped with tempura batter flakes. Drizzled with sweet eel sauce.
  96. Sushi & Sashimi Combo?
    Chef choices of fresh fish.
  97. Sashimi Deluxe?
    • Chef selections of fresh sashimi fish.
    • 18 pieces.
  98. Family Boat?
    • Serves 2-4 people.
    • 16 pieces of Cali roll
    • 16 pieces of dynamite roll
    • 8 pieces of nigiri sushi (chefs choice)
    • 6 Fried dumpling
    • 6 beef teriyaki
    • 6 ck teriyaki
    • 6 shrimp tempura
  99. Lucky Boat?
    • 16 Pieces of sashimi
    • 16 Pieces of rainbow
    • 8 Pieces of Spider
  100. Whats the difference between the Thai CK Cashew & the Chinese CK Cashew?
    • Thai is white meat
    • Chinese is dark meat
  101. Spicy Tuna Roll?
    Spicy Tuna (tuna & siracha chili paste), & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed.
  102. EEL Roll?
    BBQ eel with avocado rolled in rice & seaweed. Drizzled with sweet eel sauce.
  103. Yellowtail Roll?
    Yellowtail, green onion, & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed.
  104. Maguro Dream Roll?
    Fresh tuna, & avocado rolled in cucumber. Topped with lobster sauce.
  105. Tuna Roll?
    • Tuna & avocado, rolled in rice & seaweed.
    • Seaweed is on outside.
  106. Bruce Lee Roll?
    Tuna, avocado, & cucumber rolled in seaweed & rice then drizzled with siracha chili paste.
  107. Grand Canyon Roll?
    Spicy tuna, Imitation Crab mix, & avocado rolled in seaweed & rice then deep fried in Tempura batter.
  108. Heart Attack Roll?
    Spicy tuna, cream cheese inside a Jalapeno. Deep fried in tempura batter. Drizzled with eel sauce.
  109. Godzilla Roll?
    Shrimp tempura, eel, & avocado rolled in seaweed & rice. Drizzled with eel sauce.
  110. Shrimp Tempura?
    • 4 Pieces of shrimp & assorted veggies (Onion, Sweet potatoes, broccoli, mushroom, & asparagus) battered with tempura and deep fried till golden brown. Served with our secret tempura dipping sauce.
    • Hot appetizer.
  111. Black Jack Roll?
    Spicy tuna, crab, albacore, & avocado rolled in rice & seaweed. Topped with albacore, fried onions, shaved garlic. Drizzled with ponzu sauce.
  112. Chicken Lettuce Wraps?
    • Stir Fried free range CK with black mushroom, water chestnuts, & onion. Served with lettuce.
    • Sauce- Soy, Sugar, vinegar, & oyster sauce.
    • White meat.
    • Hot appetizer.
  113. Steamed Fresh Clams?
    • Fresh Clams steamed with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, & basil garlic sauce.
    • Hot appetizer.
  114. Crab?
  115. Egg?
  116. California Roll?
    Imitation crab mix, & avocado rolled with rice & seaweed.
  117. Imitation Crab mix?
    Crab mixed with sugar & mayo.
  118. Spicy Cold Noodle?
    • Flour noodle, kim chee, shitake mushroom, sliced avocado, hard boiled egg, cucumber, seaweed, and beef.
    • Sauce- Korean spicy red sauce.
  119. Free Range Chicken in Sweet Soy Sauce?
    Chicken with glass noodles and seasonal vegetable in our sweet soy sauce.
  120. Braised seafood with pinneapple red curry sauce?
    Assorted seafood with our spicy sweet pineapple red curry sauce. Served in a hot pot.
  121. Tuna Tango?
    Seared 14oz tuna. Served with sliced avocado and ginger garlic sauce.
  122. Stir Fried Green Beans?
    • Sauce-Ginger and Garlic.
    • Side dish.
  123. Wasabi Mashed Potatoes?
    • Mashed potatoes with wasabi.
    • Side dish.
  124. Seaweed Salad?
    • Topped with sesame seeds.
    • Side dish.
  125. Mixed Green Salad?
    • Miso dressing.
    • Side dish.
  126. Salt Pepper Sweet Squash?
    • Deep fried sweet squash then stir fried with salt and pepper.
    • Side dish.
  127. Edamame?
    • Steamed soy beans.
    • Side dish.
  128. Shrimp Tempura?
    • Includes 2 shrimp and assorted vegetables.
    • Half portion on appetizer.
    • Side dish.
  129. Mongolian Beef?
    Tender beef with scallions and onions. On a bed of delicate crispy rice noodles.
  130. Black Pepper Garlic Beef?
    Pan fried beef loin till tender with whole garlic and mushroom. In our delicious black pepper garlic sauce.
  131. S & S pork or Chicken?
    Tempura battered pork or chicken breast deep fried till golden brown and drizzled with s & s sauce.
  132. Spicy Garlic Chicken or Pork?
    Stir fried chicken breast or pork wiht potatoes, bell peppers, and bamboo.
  133. Cashew Nut Chicken or Shrimp?
    • Chicken or shrimp sauteed with celery, mushroom, zucchini, green peppers, and onions. Topped with glazed cashew nuts.
    • Sauce-Sweet soy sauce.
  134. General Tso's Chicken?
    Tender chunk boneless chicken sauteed with our red spicy garlic sauce.
  135. Moo Gai Pan?
    • Stir fried chicken breast with mushroom, snow peas, and carrots.
    • Sauce-white wine garlic ginger sauce.
    • Gluten Free.
  136. Shanghai Liu Pork?
    Deep fried till crispy then stir fried with shaghai wine and sweet soy ginger sauce.
  137. Vegetable Deluxe?
    • Assorted veggies stir fried with mushroom, celery, onions, bell pepper, and tofu.
    • Sauce-white wine ginger garlic sauce.
    • Gluten Free.
  138. Kug Pao Chicken or Shrimp?
    Stir fried chicken or shrimp with assorted vegetables (chefs choice) delicious sweet soy spicy sauce.
  139. Curry Chicken?
    Yellow curry boiled with potatoes, baby carrots, onions, and coconut milk. Topped with ground peanuts.
  140. Tangerine Beef?
    Deep fried beef till crispy then stir fried with our orange sweet spicy sauce.
  141. Thai Style Cashew Chicken?
    • Stir fried chicken with assorted veggies.
    • Sauce-Fish sauce, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, vinegar, and sugar.
  142. Double Cooked Pork?
    • Steamed sliced pork belly then stir fried on a bed of napa cabbage.
    • Sauce- Spicy garlic ginger sauce.
  143. Szechwan Spicy Mala Beef?
    Szechwan style beef with peppercorn, chili pepper simmered with oil.
  144. In our shrimp tempura hot appetizer how many shrimp do you get with one order?
  145. What type of veggies are in uor veggie spring roll?
    What sauce is it served with?
    • Celery, cabbage, carrots, and onions.
    • Sweet and Sour Sauce.
  146. The mandarin dumpling,
    Is the Shrimp with sweet squash fried or steamed?
    Is the Pork with veggies fried or steamed?
    • Shrimp with sweet squash is fried.
    • Pork with veggies is steamed.
  147. Tai Carpaccio cold appetizer what type of fish is the sashimi?
    Red Snapper.
  148. Our lavendar green apple salad, what is the dressing?
    Honey lavendar vinegarette.
  149. What kind of meat is in the wonton in our wonton soup?
  150. In all our thai dishes what does is include?
    Fish Sauce.
  151. Our signature dish UGLY FISH, what is it glazed with? and what type of fish is it made of?
    • Sweet balsamic vinegar.
    • Rock fish.
  152. Our tuna tango signature dish, how many ounces is the tuna?
  153. What is our stir fried green beans sauce?
    Ginger Garlic Sauce.
  154. Our General Thos chicken what type of chicken meat is it?
    White meat.
  155. What is the sauce in our moo goo gai pan?
    White wine ginger garlic sauce.
  156. What is the mala sauce on the szechwan spicy mala beef dish?
    Peppercorn, Chili pepper, simmered with oil.
  157. How many pieces do you get if you order a nigiri sushi?
    2 on a ball of rice.
  158. How many pieces do you get if you order a sashimi?
  159. Describe a California Hand Roll?
    Imitation crab mix, and avocado rolled in seaweed in the shape of a cone.
  160. In our steamed fresh clams hot appetizer what is the clams steamed in?
    Kaffir lime garlic sauce with basil.
  161. What is in our shanghai hot and sour soup?
    Bamboo, tofu, black fungus, carrots, and egg.
  162. The live maine lobster or live crab, what 2 different types of sauce can a customer choose from?q
    • Ginger, garlic, and green onion sauce,
    • or Black bean sauce.
  163. What type of dressing is in our mixed green salad?
    Ginger miso.
  164. What are the 2 stir fry dishes that have dark chicken meat?
    • Chinese Cashew nut chicken,
    • and Kung pao chicken.
  165. Explain what is black pepper garlic beef?
    Beef, mushrooms, Black pepper, and garlic.
  166. What type of curry is in our curry chicken thai dish?
  167. What type of sauce is in the tangerine beef?q
    Orange sweet and spicy sauce.
  168. How long does the lobster and alaska bake for?
    15 to 20 mins.
  169. What are the 4 sushi rolls that doesn't have rice and seaweed?
    Pearl roll, Maguro dream, Heart attack, and Monkey.
  170. How many pieces of fish do you get in our sashimi deluxe?
  171. What is the difference between Dragon and Godzilla roll?
    • Dragon has BBQ eel on top of a cali roll.
    • Godzilla has Shrimp tempura, imit. crab, and avocado inside, and is topped with BBQ eel.
  172. What is the sauce on top of the Hawaii roll?
    Ponzu and Chilli oil sauce.
  173. Explain what a hand roll is?
    Seaweed is on the outside and it is in cone form.
  174. If a customer orders tuna, what do you say?
    Sushi, Sashimi, Hand roll, or a cut roll?
  175. What kind of sauces does the Bento Box come with?
    Tempura, Ponzu, and Dumpling.
  176. Whats the difference between Crispy Chicken and sweet and sour Chicken?
    The sauce.
  177. What are the differences between Cashew nut Chicken and Thai Cashew nut chicken?
    • Cashew nut chicken is dark meat,
    • and the Thai Cashew nut chicken is white meat.
  178. What type of sauce is in our steamed black tiger prawns hot appetizer?
    Black pepper garlic.
  179. What is the sauce for our spicy cold noodle dish?
    Korean red spicy sauce.
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