1. final judgement
    The written determination of a lawsuit by the judge who presided.
  2. forum
    A court that has jurisdiction to hold a trial of a particular lawsuit or petition.
  3. garnishment
    The process of obtaining a court order directing an entity to hold funds it may owe to someone who allegedly is in debt to a third person.
  4. gravamen
    Latin for to weigh down. The gist or main point of a claim or charge in a complaint or information.
  5. indictment
    A formal written accusation by a grand jury based upon witnesses’ testimony and other evidence presented by the prosecutor, indicating that the grand jury has found probable cause to believe that the defendant has committed the crime charged.
  6. infra
    Latin for below; referenced later in the text
  7. injunction
    An order or writ issued by a court directing someone to do or refrain from doing some act.
  8. in limine
    Latin for at the threshold.
  9. in personam
    Latin for directed toward a particular person. An action against a person.
  10. in rem
    A legal action directed toward property
  11. in toto
    referring to the entire thing
  12. inter alia
    found in legal writing to specify one example out of many possibilities
  13. interrogatories
    A set of written questions asked by the opposing party as a part of the pre-trial discovery.
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