1. ejectment
    A lawsuit brought to remove a party who is occupying real property.
  2. ejusdem generis
    A cannon of construction than when a general word or phrase follows a list of specific terms, the general word or phrase will be interpreted to include only items of the same type as those listed.
  3. eminent domain
    The power of a governmental entity to take private real estate for public use, w/ or w/o the permission of the owner. The 5th amendment requires that in such circumstances, just compensation‚ must be paid for the property taken. The 5th is applicable to the states through the 14th
  4. en banc
    French for on the bench, It generally means a decision by the full ct. In some large circuits, however, cases may be heard en banc by less than the entire membership of the bench.
  5. escheat
    The forfeit of property, real and personal, to the state if their are no heirs, descendants, or names beneficiaries to take the property upon the death of the owner.
  6. ex parte
    Latin meaning for one party. The phrase describes motions, hearings, or orders granted on the request of one party only. This is an exception to the basic rule that all parties must be present at any argument before a judge.
  7. ex post facto
    Latin for done or made after the fact
  8. federalism
    The notion that federal courts should respect the rule of state courts, and vice versa; the distribution of power in the federal system between the federal government and the states.
  9. fee simple
    Broadest property interest in land recognized by law
  10. felony
    A punishment of one year or more in prison. It can be less then one year at the discretion of the judge.
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