med 100

  1. - clasis
    -clasis means to break, fracture

    Example: oste/o/clasis= break or fracture a bone
  2. -lysis
    -lysis means to separation, destruction, loosening

    Example: enter/o/lysis= separation, destruction or loosening of an intestine
  3. -tripsy
    -tripsy means crushing

    Example: lith/o/tripsy= crushing stone, calculus
  4. -ptosis
    -ptosis means to prolapse, downward displacement

    Example: hyster/o/ptosis= prolasped utterus
  5. -rrhage

    -rrhage, -rrhagia means to busting forth

    • Example: hem/o/rrhage= blood bursting forth
    • Example: men/o/rrhagia= menses bursting forth
  6. -rrhea
    -rrhea means discharge, flow

    Example: dia/o/rrhea= discharge flows through
  7. -rrhexis
    -rrhexis means rupture

    Example: angi/o/rrhexis= ruptured vessel
  8. -scope
    -scope means instrument to view or examine

    Example: gastr/o/scope= instrument to veiw or examine th stomach
  9. -scopy
    -scopy means visual examination

    Example: proct/o/scopy= visual examination of the rectum, anus
  10. -spasm
    -spasm means involuntary contraction, twitching

    Example: blephar/o/spasm= involuntarty contraction, twitching of the eyelid
  11. -stasis
    -stasis means standing still

    Example: hem/o/stasis= blood standing still
  12. -stenosis
    -stenosis means narrowing, stricture

    Example: arteri/o/stenosis= narrowing, stricture artery
  13. -toxic
    -toxic means poison

    Example: thyr/o/toxic= posioned thyroid
  14. -trophy
    -trophy means development, nourishment

    Example: a/trophy= without development, nourishment
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