1. go off
    • 1.used when something is activated, or when something explodes.
    • The bomb went off. (The bomb exploded.)
    • The gun went off. (The gun was fired.)
    • The alarm is going off. (The alarm is sounding.)
    • 2. to lose one's temper
    • My boss went off on me for coming to work drunk.
    • My wife will go off on me if I lose my job.
  2. trade STH in ( for STH)
    • I traded my old car in on a new one. I traded in my old jalopy for a newer car.
    • to return something, such as a car, to a place where cars are sold as partial payment on a new car.
  3. swing back around/by
    • I'll swing back by
    • I"ll go around and come back to you, later
  4. sit tight
    • We were waiting in line for the gates to open when someone came out and told us to sit tight because it wouldn't be much longer before we could go in.
    • to wait patiently
  5. swing by
    • I told Paul we'd swing by his office about five today.
    • to visit a place briefly
  6. stay cool!
    stay calm, smart and don't be stupid
  7. keep a low profile
    • He's been keeping a low profile at work ever since his argument with Peter.
    • to behave in a way that does not attract attention
  8. stay put
    • We've decided to stay put and not to move to Florida.
    • not to move; stay where one is
  9. stay on top of SO/STH
    • You have to stay on top of her if you want her to do it right. I will stay on top of this project.
    • Fig. to keep well-informed about someone or something; to keep watch over someone or something.
  10. stay clear of SO/SHT
    • Stay clear of me! I have a flu.
    • to keep a distance from something, usually something from dangerous
  11. Keeping busy?/ keeping cool?/ keeping out of trouble?
    How are you doing?
  12. keep a firm grip on SO/STH
    • The manager keeps a firm grip on all the employees.
    • Fig. to keep someone or something under firm control.
  13. keep a lid on it!
    • 1.We can't keep the lid on this any longer. The press has got wind of it.
    • Fig. a scheme to suppress a scandalous or embarrassing situation and keep it secret.
    • 2.Keep the lid on the pot until the stew is almost done.
    • Lit. a cover on something, such as a pot, pan, etc
  14. keep a tight rein on SO/STH
    • The office manager kept a tight rein on the staff. Mary keeps a close rein on her children.
    • Fig. to watch and control someone or something diligently.
  15. keep/be/get/remain/stay ahead of the game
    • Without the full cooperation of my office stafj', I find it hard to stay ahead of the game.
    • being early; having an advantage in a competitive situation; having done more than necessary.
  16. keep an eye out for SO/STH
    • Please try to have an eye out for the bus.
    • Keep an eye out for rain.
    • Have your eye out for a raincoat on sale.
    • Fig. to watch for the arrival or appearance of someone or something.
  17. keep one's eyes peeled
    • Keep your eyes peeled for any policemen
    • pay attention; be watchful
  18. out and about
    • I am out and about on the town
    • regularly going out of the house to work, take part in social activity, etc.,
  19. out cold
    (out like a light)
    1. Fig. unconscious. I fell and hit my head. I was out cold for about a minute. Tom fainted! He's out like a light!

    2. Fig. intoxicated. Four beers and he was out cold. He sat in his chair at the table, out cold.

    3. Fig. sound asleep. After a few minutes of tossing and turning, she was out like a light.
  20. out/down for the count
    • He was injured at the last game and he is out for the count this week.
    • not count someone on something
  21. out in left field
    • Sally is a lot of fun, but she's sort of out in left field. What a strange idea. It's really out in left field.
    • Fig. offbeat; unusual and eccentric.
  22. out in the open
    • Is this matter out in the open, or is it still secret?
    • Let's get this out in the open and discuss it.
    • Fig. [for something] to be public knowledge.
  23. out of character
    • It was out of character for Ann to act so stubborn.
    • behave in an unusual way for SO, unlike SO's usual behavior
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