1. what type of exhaustion do psychiatric nurses have more of a risk
    mental exhaustion
  2. another word for nursing job strain
  3. when caregivers find themselves unable to provide quality of care
  4. what might a nurse experincing burnout experience
    • depleted energy
    • hopelessness
    • decrease ability to concentrate
  5. gordon states that ower comes from _____, which is an internally generated strength
  6. how is the maximal benefit for clients derived
    through partnership with other providers
  7. how can a nurse best accomplish a more positive attitude
    maintain personal power to be healthy.
  8. the first step tp preventing burnout is ones abilty to control ones actions.
    personal power
  9. ------- demonstrate an understanding of the interconnectedness between thinking, feeling, and action
    nurse behavior
  10. what happens when a nurse rushes in such a short time
    unable to make best decisions
  11. _____ allows us to address our entire energy system
    holistic integrative framework
  12. biorythm that determines the human responsees to the environment'attention span.; more prone to accidents bc body is tired
    circadian rhythm
  13. what is a check in technique or internal self assessment that is essential for energetic self care and and for persons recovering from addiction

    • am i hungry
    • am i angry
    • am i lonely
    • am i tired
  14. another acronym in conjunction to HALT HALT

    Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual
  15. what does the physcal body require
    • nutriton
    • activity
    • rest
  16. involves the use of internal pictures, sounds, or sensations to evoke personal healing
  17. what is the nurse doing whn she directs the clients mind toward a beneficial outcome, rather than repeating patterns of anxiety
    therapeutic energy
  18. is imagination/imagery helpful in a pschyatric setting
    not always ex: psychotic persons may not benefit
  19. to focus ones thoughts; state of contemplation and relaxation
  20. what does the stress response activate by increasing the heart rate , BP, muscle tension, and adrenaline release
    sympathetic system response
  21. overtime what harmful substance could be released in the body as a response to stress
  22. the sense of calming activates?
    parasympathetic response
  23. fascilitating sleep or inducing a trance like state
    self hypnosis
  24. quality of perception that enables usto experience joy even when faced with adversity
  25. what does wooten say is the perfect antidote for stress
  26. what positive chemicals are released through relaxation and possibly laughter
    endorphins and enkephalins
  27. how can healthy nursing care be provided
    start with ourselves
  28. how can nurses inspire healing
    through modeling health
  29. what must nurses do to remain centered adn balanced
    enagage in adequte self care
  30. examples of pathways to wholness
    • imagery
    • relaxation
    • meditation
    • self hypnosis
    • center energy field
    • humor
    • support group
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