Bartending Terms/Definitions

  1. Alphonses:
    A term indicating a float of cream.
  2. Back:
    Refers to a seond cocktail, liquor or other mix being served in a separate glass in "back" of the original request. expl, an order of vodka on the rocks with a water back would be served in two glasses: one with vodka and ice and the other with ice water.
  3. Bank:
    A Pre-detemine amount of cash composed of change and small bills for handling the opening transactions. Always count and and confirm the amount issued.
  4. Bar Sugar:
    a finely granulated sugar which dissolves rapidly.
  5. Blend:
    a method of preparing a cocktail by mixing in an electric blender or mixer with ice.
  6. Bucket:
    An abbreviated name for the Doble Old Fashioned glass.
  7. Build:
    A method of preparing a ocktail by pouring all the ingredients directly into the glass.
  8. Bumping:
    Pouring extra liquor into a cocktail after the jigger has been filled.
  9. Call Liquor:
    any liquor (Not liqueur) other than well liquor. the term "call" refers to the customer's "calling" for a particular brnad as opposed to a type. expl, tanqueray and tonic as opposed to a gin and tonic.
  10. Carafe:
    A glass or crystal decanter. Sometimes this term is used instead of "litre" when ordering house wines at a restaurant.
  11. Chaser:
    A drink, suach as water, arbonated beverage or beer, taken after or with liquor.
  12. Chilling:
    • there are 2 ways to chill a glass:
    • a) The fastest is to bury the glass in crushed ice.
    • b) The best way is to dip the glass in clean cold water and then refrigerate it.
    • *The most frequently used way is to put ice and water in the glass and let stand while you make the drink.
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