blood quiz

  1. Which of the following is the blood vessel that distributes blood to
  2. This is a blood vessel that conveys blood from the tissues back to the
  3. Which artery wall is responsible for vasoconstriction
    tunica media
  4. This layer of the artery is composed mainly of elastic and collagen
    tunica externa
  5. These vessels make up the largest blood reservoir
  6. This vessel plays a key role in regulating blood flow into capillaries
  7. Which of the below is NOT found in arteries but is found in veins?
  8. Capillaries are also known as
    exchange vessels
  9. The cardiovascular center is located
    in the medulla oblongata
  10. Which of the below factors is most important in forcing blood flow through
    muscular activity
  11. What do these chemicals have in common: potassium, hydrogen ions, lactic acid,
    nitric oxide and adenosine
    They are all potent vasodilators
  12. Where can pulse not be felt
  13. What do the following have in common: superficial temporal artery, brachial
    artery and dorsal artery of the foot?
    pulse pumps
  14. All the veins of the systemic circulation drain into the
    Superior and inferior vena cava and coronary sinus
  15. The pulmonary trunk divides into
    Right and left pulmonary arteries
  16. Which of the below vessels is a pulse point at the wrist
    Radial artery
  17. Which of the below vessels drains blood from the head and neck
    Jugular vein
  18. Which of the below vessels drains blood from the lower body to the right atrium?
    Inferior vena cava
  19. Which is not a feature of the capillaries?
    connect arterioles to veins
  20. These control the flow of blood through a capillary bed.
    precapillary sphincter
  21. The alternate route of blood flow to a body part through an anastomosis is
    collateral circulation
  22. The myogenic response make smooth muscle
    Contract more forcefully when stretched
  23. Which of the below vessels supplies blood to the intestines
    Mesenteric artery
  24. Mesenteric artery
    Renal artery
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