Cannon of Scricpture

  1. Evidences for the Canon as we have it
    1. No record of any dispute between Jesus and the Jews over the OT books

    2. The OT was quoted as athoritative 295 times in the NT, but never quote any books of ther Aprocrypha or any other writings from the OT

  2. What books are included in the Apocrypha?
    • 1. 1 and 2 Esdras
    • 2. Tobit
    • 3. Judith
    • 4. Long ending of Esther
    • 5. Wisdom of Solomon
    • 6. Ecclesiasticus
    • 7. Baruch
    • 8. Song of the three holy children
    • 9. Susanna
    • 10. Bel and the Dragon
    • 11. Prayer of Maneasseh
    • 12. 1 and 2 Maccabees
  3. Why was the Aprocrypha not included in the Canon?
    • 1. Never accepted by the Jews as Scripture
    • 2. Early Church Fathers denied them as scripture, but said they were helpful and useful for belivers
    • 3. Judith and Tobit contain historical, chronological and geograpchical errors.
  4. When was the Aprocrypha accepted to be part of the canon?
    1546 Council of Trent, Catholic, as a response to Martin Luthers teaching of Salvation by Grace alone. The Aprocrypha supported their teaching of Justification by works + faith, prayers for the dead and that the church ahs the authrity to call a literary work scripture.
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