1. Raynaud phen vs disease
    • Raynaud phenomena = associated with CTD
    • -constriction of small digital arteries

    • Raynaud disese = not assoc with disease
    • -need >2yrs of s/s b/f dx
    • -disoder of cold sensitivity
    • -due to incr endothelin-1, estrogen
  2. Erythromelalgia
    -associated with
    • Paroxysmal vasodilation of feet = s/s of burn, pain, red, warmth
    • -trigger = incr temp
    • -assoc with Raynaud's phen, PCV, TTP< MS, SLE, DM, HTN
    • -acquired type due to: 1) mushroom posioning, 2) topical alcohol exposure
    • -tx: immerge into cold water, misoprostol, TCA, Gabapentin
  3. Sneddon syndrome
    • -livedo reticularis + cerebral vascular infarcts
    • -poor px
    • -AD inheritence
    • -antiphospholipid Ab and may have SLE
  4. Chronic headaches + livedo reticularis
    Marker for increased risk of stroke
  5. a) Livedo reticularis vs
    b) Livedo racemosis vs
    c) Cutis Marmorata
    • a) netlike mottled red/blue discoloration of skin, esp legs, triggered by cold
    • -assoc: SLE, DM, Scleroderma, Rhe fever, RA, hep C, parvovirus B19, syphillis,
    • -s/e of amantadine

    b) if L.Ret present with warming

    c) PSL mottling of skin, marble like, esp in F in cold
  6. P-ANCA
    Ab agt myeloperoxidase

    • less specific (vs c-ANCA) for:
    • MSPA
    • Churg Strauss
    • Drug induced vsculitis
  7. C-ANCA
    Ab agt protease 3 (PR3)

    • Specific for:
    • Wegner's granulomatosis
    • Microscoic polyarterisit
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