1. Word Root
    Main part of a word.

    • EXAMPLE:
    • Cardi
    • Gastr
    • Hepat
    • Nephr
    • Oste
  2. Combining Form?
    Word Root + Vowel usually an "O"

    • EXAMPLE: Word Root + Vowel= Combining Form
    • Cardi+O= cardio: heart
    • Gastr+O= gastro: stomach
    • Hepat+O= hepato: liver
    • Nephr+O= nephro: kidney
    • Oste+O= osteo: bone
  3. Suffixes:
    Word ending.

    • EXAMPLE: Combining Form + Suffix= Medical Word
    • arthro(joint)+centesis(puncture)= arthrocentesis(puncture of a joint)

    thoraco(chest)+tomy(incision)= thoracotomy(incision of the chest)

    gastro(stomach)+megaly(enlargement)= gastromegaly(enlargement of the stomach)
  4. Prefix:
    A word element located at the beginning of a word

    EXAMPLE: Prefix+ Word Root+ Suffix= Medical Word

    • A(without)+mast(breast)+ia(condition)= amastia(without a breast)
    • hyper(excessive)+therm(heat)+ia(condition)= hyperthermia(condition of excessive heat
    • intra(in,within)+muscul(muscle)+ar(relating to)=intramuscular(relating to within the muscles
    • marcro(large)+gloss(tongue)+ia(condition)= marcroglossia(condition of a large tongue)

    micro(small)+card(heart)+ia(condition)= microcardia(condition of a small heart
  5. Basic Rules for Building Medical Words
    Rule 1:
    Rule 1: A word root is used befor a suffix the begins with a vowel.

    EXAMPLE: Word root + Suffix = Medical Word

    scler(hardening)+osis(abnormal condition)= sclerosis(abnormal condition of hardening)
  6. Basic Rules for Building Medical Words
    Rule 2:
    Rule 2: A combining vowel is used to link a word root to a suffix that begins with a consonant and to link a word root to form a compound word.
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