Wine Midterm: Vocabulary

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  1. Appearance
    clarity of wine; first step in the evaluation of deductive tasting
  2. Nose
    second step in deductive tasting; detect aroma
  3. Pallate
    third step in deductive tasting; detect taste and texture
  4. Varietal
    • the grape name of the wine (i.e. Merlot)
    • -New World: non-western Europe (90% named by varietal)
    • -Old World: Europe (90% name from origin)
  5. Appellation
    • growing area where grapes are from
    • -more $ = smaller appellation (taste what area has to offer)
  6. Viticulture
    science of growing grapes
  7. Viniculture
    synonym for enology (the study of winemaking); the science of turning grapes to wine
  8. Estate Bottle
    • grapes were grown, made, and bottled at the winery
    • -more reliable
  9. Irrigation
    • system apply the right amount of water
    • -illegal in Europe (believe they grow perfect grapes in the right area)
  10. Organically Grown
    • -sustainably farmed = no pesticides used, some use owls, lady bug, or bees
    • -no sulfides in wine making process (no sulfite = makes wine deteoriate quiclkly)
    • -biodynamic = do all, (Mendocino) don't check sugar content, rely on moon
  11. Propriotary
    made up words; blend of different things
  12. Full Body
    fall in pallate; "big wine"; due to tannin or weight of wine in the mouth; concentration
  13. Tannin
    feeling of extangency (dry mouth)
  14. Weight
    Heavy = milk like = move full body
  15. Crush/Press
    Separation of wine from the skin; skin loaded in a press which squeezes remaining liquid
  16. Basket Press
    oldest and simplest design of press; cylinder made of stainless steel screen or wood with small gaps -> fruit loaded on top and a plate pushes it down to drip out jice
  17. 3 Ways to Filter Wine
    • 1. Ferment in a tank
    • 2. Fining --> add fining agent (coaulant) to fermented juice in a tank
  18. Vintage
    the year the wine was produced/harvested
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