1. What is the Structure of a Glycosaminoglycan?
    Made of repeating disaccharid units containing An acidic sugar (glucuronic acid) then an amino sugar( N-Acetylglucosamine) (Amino group on 2nd Carbon)
  2. What are three Acidic sugars?
    What are 3 amino sugars?
    • Glucosamine, D-Glucuronic acid, and Iduronic Acid
    • N0Acetylglucosamine, Muramic acid, and N-acetylmuramic acid
  3. Facts about Hyluronic acid
    • No sulfate groups
    • No covalent bonds
    • Located everywhere
  4. What structures make up the linkage region of the GAGs?
    O-linked Xylose, and 2 galactose
  5. What holds the Preteoglycans to the Hyluronic Core protein?
    Ionic bonds between the hyluronic core and the preteoglycans core. Stabilized by linkage preteins.
  6. What adds Sulfate to the Carbohydrate chains of GAGs?
    PAPS ( 3 phosphoadenosine 5 phosphosulfate )
  7. Where does degradation in glycosaminoglycans occur?
    In the lysosomes.
  8. What are the different types of Mucopolysaccharidoses and their mutations?
    • Hurlers: Alpha L iduronidase (coroneal clouding)
    • Hunters: Iduronate Sulfatase (X linked)
    • Slys- B-glucuronidase (dermatin and heparan sulfate)
    • Sanfilippos-
  9. Where is dolicol needed?
    in the addition of an N linkage
  10. In the exception or O linkage in Hydroxylysine in collagen, what is needed?
    • it is between Galactose ( or glucose) and the OH of the hydroylysine
    • It needs Vitamin C
  11. When to used N-linked oligosaccharides?
    • High mannose content
    • Complex oligosaccharides
  12. What are he activator for mannose, fucose and NANA?
    GDP,GDP and CMP
  13. Where are Fucose and NANA located on the Glycoprotein?
    At the terminal end.
  14. I-Cell.
    A inability to phorphorylate mannose in the glucose. causes accumulation of things to be degraded.
  15. Degradation of Glycoproteins
    Remember: Last attached is the first removed.
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