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  1. A _________ is one of the many life challenges that call on people to adjust to the unexpected and to adapt to a situation or event that is unpredictable, and more often than not, unwanted.
  2. Kinds of Crisis
    • Situational
    • Maturational
    • Cultural
    • Community
  3. Any EVENT that poses a threat or challenge to an individual person.

    i.e accident injury, loss of employ
    Situational Crisis
  4. A STAGE in a person's life where adjustment and adaptation to new responsibilities and life patterns are necessary

    i.e. midlife crisis, child years to young adult years
    Maturational Crisis
  5. A SITUATION where a person expericences Culture Shock in the process of adapting/adjusting to a new culture or returning to one's own culture after being assimilated into another is
    Cultural Crisis
  6. A CRISIS of a proportion to affect an entire community of people is

    i.e. HIV, TB natural disasters
    Community Crisis
  7. Stages of Crisis are
    • 1st phase - threat, resulting in anxiety
    • 2nd phase - anxiety increases & coping decreases
    • 3rd phase - anxiety continues & escalates (last resort)
    • 4th phase = anxiety or panic
  8. Although theories and cultures vary, important psychological milestones include?
    • Self differentiation
    • Basic trust
    • Indivduation
  9. A stimulus that an individual perceives as challenging or harmful, is intimately involved with crisis is
  10. The originator of the Stress Theory
    Selye - stress makes us sick - it does make us sick
  11. Allow response to any stressors are
    Adaptive energy
  12. Selye demonstraated that there is a specific, predictable, physiologic response to stress, which is labeled?
    GAS General Adaptation Sydrome 1974
  13. Observed and recorded psychosocial responses to stress is
    Engel (1962)
  14. Two major responses to stress that Engel research is
    • Fight-flight response (anxiety and energy
    • i.e. we go into
    • then
    • conservative-withdrawal state (exhaustion)
  15. Nursing theories definiging health in terms of succesful adaptation and equilibrium are consistent with the general metal health approach crisis is
    Roys adaptatoin model and Erikson's theory of Modeling and Role modeling 1983
  16. Theories that emphasize caring is
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