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  1. Father, we offer you...
    • Father, we offer you this day
    • all our thoughts, words and actions,
    • all our sufferings and disappointments,
    • and all our joys.
    • And we unite our lives
    • with that of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
  2. God our Father, open our eyes...
    • God our Father,
    • open our eyes to see Your hand at work
    • in the splendour of creation,
    • In the beauty of human life.
    • Touched by Your hand our world is holy.
    • Help us to cherish the gifts that surround us,
    • to share Your blessings with our brothers and sisters,
    • and to experience the joy of life in Your presence.
    • Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  3. O my God, I offer You...
    • O my God, I offer You
    • all my thoughts, words, actions,
    • and sufferings;
    • and I beseech You to give me Your grace
    • that I may not offend You this day,
    • but may faithfully serve You
    • and do Your holy will in all things. Amen.
  4. Almighty Father, the love You offer...
    • Almighty Father, the love You offer
    • is aleays greater than anything we could hope for,
    • because You are greater than the human heart.
    • Direct each thought, each effort today,
    • so that the limits of our faults and weaknesses
    • may not obscure the vision of Your glory,
    • nor keep us from the peace You have promised.
    • Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  5. Father in heaven, open our hearts...
    • Father in heaven, open our hearts to Your wisdom.
    • Teach us how to look for dignity in humility,
    • how to find opportunities for love in service,
    • so that we may share in the peace of Christ
    • who offered His life in the service of all.
    • Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  6. Father, let the gift...
    • Father, let the gift of Your life
    • continue to grow in us,
    • drawing us from death to faith, hope and love.
    • Keep us alive in Christ Jesus.
    • Keep us watchful in prayer and true to His teaching
    • till Your glory is revealed in us.
    • Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  7. Father in heaven, form in us...
    • Father in heaven,
    • form in us the likeness of Your Son
    • and deepen His life within us.
    • Send us as witnesses of gospel joy
    • into a world of fragile peace and broken promises.
    • Touch all hearts with Your love
    • so we may, in turn, love each other.
    • Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  8. O Lord, support us...
    • O Lord, support us all the day long
    • until the shadows lenghten and the evening comes,
    • and the busy world is hushed,
    • and the fever of life is over,
    • and our work is done.
    • Then, Lord, in Your mercy
    • grant us a safe lodging, and peace at the last. Amen.
  9. May the Lord bless us...
    • May the Lord bless us and keep us.
    • May the Lord let His face shine on us
    • and be gracious to us.
    • May the Lord show us His face
    • and bring us peace. Amen.
  10. Saint Richard of Chichester
    • Thanks be to You,
    • my Lord Jesus Christ,
    • for all the benefits and blessings which You have given to me,
    • for all the pains and insults which You have borne for me.
    • O most merciful Friend, Brother and Redeemer,
    • may I know You more clearly,
    • love Your more dearly,
    • and follow You more nearly.
    • Amen.
  11. Nunc Dimittis
    • Lord, now you let your servant go in peace;
    • Your word has been fulfilled.
    • My eyes have seen the salvation
    • You have prepared in the sight of every people,
    • A light to reveal you to the nations and the glory of your people, Israel.
  12. God to Cover Me
    • I cover myself today
    • With God's almighty love.

    • I clothe myself with grace
    • And patience from above.

    • With Triune power of truth,
    • My willing feet are shod.

    • Heaven's wisdom crowns my head
    • And leads my soul to God.
  13. Seeing, Hearing, Saying
    • Bless, O God,
    • What I see with my eyes,
    • And bless what I see in my mind.

    • Bless, O God,
    • What I hear with my ears,
    • And bless what I hear in my heart.

    • Bless, O God,
    • What I say with my lips,
    • And bless what I say in my deeds.
  14. Lord, Thou art my island...
    (St Columban of Iona)
    • Lord, Thou art my island; in Thy bosom I rest.
    • Thou art the calm of the sea; in that peace I stay.
    • Thou art the deep waves of the shining ocean.
    • With their eternal sound I sing.
    • Thou art the song of the birds; in that tune is my joy.
    • Thou art the smooth white strand of the shore; in Thee is no gloom.
    • Thou art the breaking of the waves on the rock;
    • Thy praise is echoed in the swell.
    • Thou art the Lord of my life.
  15. Father above me
    (Carmina Gadelica)
    • Father above me,
    • Son beside me,
    • Spirit within me,
    • The Three all around me.

    • Who is before me?
    • Who is behind me?
    • Who is beneath me?
    • God and the Lord.
  16. As I adventure with you today...
    • As I adventure with you today
    • be the compass that guides me
    • the light that shines on my path
    • the only one I follow.

    • As I adventure with you today
    • be the word that encourages
    • the hand that reaches out
    • each time I stumble.

    • As I adventure with you today
    • let me glimpse our destination
    • and appreciate the places
    • through which you lead me.

    • As I adventure with you today
    • be the strength I need to follow
    • and as the day draws to a close
    • let me rest in your embrace.
  17. The Great Three
    • Three above me overhead,
    • Three upon the path I tread,
    • Three who fill the boundless earth,
    • Three in crashing wave and firth,
    • Three who are enfolding me,
    • Three, for all eternity.
  18. God to enfold me...
    (Carmina Gadelica)
    • God to enfold me, God to surround me,
    • God in my speaking, God in my thinking.
    • God in my sleeping, God in my waking,
    • God in my watching, God in my hoping.
    • God in my life, God in my lips,
    • God in my soul, God in my heart.
    • God in my sufficing, God in my slumber,
    • God in mine ever-living soul, God in mine eternity.
  19. You are the peace of all things calm...
    • You are the peace of all things calm
    • You are the place to hide from harm
    • You are the light that shines in dark
    • You are the heart's eternal spark
    • You are the door that's open wide
    • You are the guest who waits inside
    • You are the stranger at the door
    • You are the calling of the poor
    • You are the light, the truth, the way
    • You are my Saviour this very day.
  20. Circle me, Lord...
    (David Adam)
    • Circle me, Lord.
    • Keep protection near
    • And danger afar.

    • Circle me, Lord.
    • Keep hope within,
    • Keep doubt without.

    • Circle me, Lord.
    • Keep light near
    • And darkness afar.

    • Circle me, Lord.
    • Keep peace within.
    • Keep evil out.
  21. God for us, we call You Father...
    ~ Richard Rohr, Trinity Prayer
    • God for us, we call You Father,
    • God alongside us, we call You Jesus,
    • God within us, we call You Holy Spirit.

    • You are the Eternal Mystery
    • that enables, enfolds, and enlivens all things,
    • even us, and even me.

    • Every name falls short of your
    • Goodness and Greatness.

    • We can only see who You are in what is.
    • We ask for such perfect seeing.

    • As it was in the beginning, is now,
    • and ever shall be.
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