reproductive disorders

  1. a tightly coiled tube structure that lies superior to the testes and extends posteriorly,with sexual stimulation the walls contract forcing the sperm along the seminiferous tubules of the testes to the vas deferens
  2. if a man elects to be sterilized for birth control, small slits are made in the scrotom to remove a portion of these
    vas deferens
  3. located at the base of the penis this doughnut-shaped gland enables men to achive erection and can cause problems with erections and urinary issues
    prostate gland
  4. skin covering the tip of the penis,is commonly removed shortly after birth
  5. tightness of the prepuce of the penis that prevents retraction of the foreskin over the glands
  6. male gonads,causes the production of sperm,releases the male hormone testosterone,are suspended outside the body to maintain the life of the sperm produced by lowering the temp to below normal body temp
  7. female gonads,stores the ovum until the menstrual cycle,contains 30,000-40,000 mircoscopic ovarian follicles, releases the female hormones estrogen and progesterone
  8. pair of ducts opening at one end into the fundus and at the other end into the peritoneal cavity over the ovary
    fallopian tubes
  9. inverted pear shaped organ,constisting of three parts;the fundus,the corpus and the cervix,holds and nurtures the fertalized egg
  10. sexual idenity at a dna level
    biological idenity
  11. sociatal driven, who they feel like at the sexual level be it male or female
    gender idenity
  12. clear and persistant erotic desire for a specific sex, not a disorder or disease, can not be cured cause isn't a disease
    sexual orientation
  13. third most frequently reported communicable disease in the US,caused by T.pallidum bacteria, VDRL slide and plasma test,successfully treated at any stage with penicillin
  14. most common communicable disease in the US, goes hand and hand with syphilis,caused by N.gonorrhoea bacteria,diagnosed with culture, curable but recurrence common
    gonorrhea (clap)
  15. amenorrhea
    absence of mestrual flow, normal before puberty, after meopause, during pregnancy, and sometimes during lactation. Menstrual flow may also be absent or suppressedas a result of hormonal abnormalities or surgical interventions such as hysterectomy
  16. a mild fungal infection that appears in men and women, with scaly skin,erythematous rash, and occasional exudates that appear under the breasts, between the fingers and in the axillae, groin, and umbilicus
  17. painless erosion or papule that ulcerates superficially with a scooped out appearance
  18. provides direst visualization of the cervix and vagina
  19. diagnostic procedure that provides visualization of the uterus and adnexa
  20. the examination of the abdominal cavity through a small incision made beneath the umbilicus
  21. an abnormal opening between two organs
  22. a condition in which endometrial tissue appears outside the uterus
  23. painful menstruation, abnormal uterine bleeding
  24. excessive bleeding in amount and duration
  25. bleedinng between menstrual periods
  26. the begining of menses, designates the first menstrual cycle
  27. an infection of the cordlike excretory duct of the testicle
  28. a condition in which the prepuce is too small to allow retraction of the foreskin over the glans penis
  29. an accumulation of fluid between the membranes covering the testicle and the membrane enclosing the testicle
  30. radiography of the soft tissue of the reast to allow identification of various benign and neoplastic processes, especially those not palpableon physical examination
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