Bio 004, College of the Desert

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  1. Was Dynamic equalibrium reached in any of the syrup demonstrations? Why or why not?
    No: The syrup molecules were to large to pass through the membrane.
  2. How do differences in concentration affect the rate of osmosis?
    Rate of concentration increases, then osmosis increases.
  3. Both high and low temperatures reduce the amount of color (product) produce. However, the cause of the reduction is different in the two cases. Explain why:
    • Extremely high temp: Causes the enzyme to denature.
    • Extremely low temp: slowed the process, possably stopped it, but would pick back up when heated again.
  4. How do differences in temperature affect enzyme activity?
    Differences move the enzyme out of it's optimal range.
  5. At what two pH's was there no enzyme activity?
    At pH 2 and pH 10
  6. At what pH level was the most activity?
    pH 7
  7. Explain why changing the pH alters the effectivness of an enzyme.
    Changing the pH will move the enzyme out of it's optimal range.
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