medical gas therapy

  1. nasal can delivers fio2
  2. nasal can flow
  3. most appropriate initial o2 device for COPD pts with STABLE resp rates and vt
    nasal can
  4. simple masks can deliver fio2
  5. simple mask flow
  6. simple mask flow must be at least ___ to flush exh co2
  7. partial rebreather mask deliver fio2
  8. partial rebreather mask flow
  9. partial rebreather mask how many one way valves
  10. COPD pt, if you give them too much o2 you will knock out their
    hypoxic drive
  11. COPD Pao2 should maintain around
  12. low flow devices
    • nasal can
    • simple mask
    • partial nonrebreather
  13. high flow devices
    • nonrebreather
    • air entrainment/ venturi mask
    • briggs adapter/ tpiece
    • aerosol
    • trach collar
    • high flow nasal can
  14. non rebreather delivers fio2
  15. non rebreather mask is used to deliver 100% in an emergency such as
    • co poisoning
    • pneumothorax
    • burns
    • chf
    • mixed gas therapy (he/o2)
  16. non rebreather ideally has __ one way valves
  17. if the bag collapses, what should you increases
  18. air entrainment/ venturi mask delivers
    precise fio2 concentrations
  19. ideal for pts with IRREGULAR vt, rates, and breathing patterns
    air entrainment/venturi mask
  20. what is the precise fio2 can you give to a COPD pt
    24-28% on a venturi
  21. fio2 will remain the same with increases or decreases in the
    flow through the o2 inlet
  22. the fio2 will increase on a air entrainment only if the
    • internam diameter of the gas injector increases
    • with increased resistance or obstruction downstream
  23. briggs adapter delivers fio2
  24. reservoir tubing should be utilized on a briggs adapter to maintain the appropriate
  25. what happens if the reservoir tubing is removed
    fio2 will decrease due to to entrained room air
  26. should you see aerosol from the reservoir tubing during inspiration?
  27. what should you do if aerosol disappears
    • increase flow
    • add more reservoir tubing
    • set up a device to provide more flow-- blender, tandem set up, change flow meter
  28. flow range for oxy hood
  29. oxy hood can be used inside incubator to provide the infant with a more stable fio2

  30. croup pt, and kids that are 3-6 year old can tolerate what type of o2 device
    o2 tent
  31. fio2 for o2 tent
    40-50 and hard to control
  32. if fio2 is fluctuating make sure the tent is
    tightly tucked in
  33. incubator administers o2 to neonate by
    • cannula
    • oxyhood
    • cpap
  34. radiant warmer is ideal for
    unstable newborns who require constant care
  35. incubator is ideal for
    stable newborns
  36. diseases freq treated by HBO
    • co poisoning
    • decompression sickness
    • tissue transplants/grafts
    • anaerobic infections- gas gangrene
  37. HBO therapy is conducted at pressures btwn
  38. o2 is adminitered by mask or through the chamber at
  39. decreased the pts WOB by delivering low density gas that can easily maneuver around OBStructions.
  40. when using a o2 flowmeter to refulate the floww, actual flow delivered to the pt must be calculated

    1.8 =
    1.6 =
    • 80/20
    • 70/30
  41. physiologic effects of nitric oxide are due to its ability to relax smooth muscle. decreases PVR
    nitric oxide
  42. indications for NO
    • pulm htn
    • resp dist syn
    • persistent pulm htn of the newbown
  43. recommend starting dose of NO is
    20 ppm
  44. nitric oxide is most commonly delivered via
    mech vent INO
  45. results in poor correlation of pox, monitor w/ coox/hemox
  46. d/c therapy when the Nitric oxisde level is at its lowest possible dose, usually around
    5 ppm or less
  47. if a massive leak occurs after removing a flowmeter:
    • trey reinserting into the wall
    • contact personall and supply supplemental o2 to pt
    • turn off zone valve
  48. purpose of air-o2 blender is to control the mixing of air and o2 to obtain
    specific fio2
  49. provides a compressed gas source w/out using an air cylinder
    air compressor
  50. air compressor can be used in
    • hosp
    • out patient clinic
    • home setting
  51. air compressor can be used to power a
    hand held neb for a COPD pt in a home setting
  52. if FIO2 is LESS than 36% use
    tic toc box
    21% for the tic toc box
  53. ratio for 24
  54. ratio for 28
  55. ratio for 35
  56. ratio for 40
  57. ratio for 60
  58. formula for total flow rate
    flowmeter setting X factor
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