50 MCV

  1. 하다
    to do
  2. 없다
    to be absent, to be non-existent, to not have
  3. 되다
    to be, to be finished
  4. 보다
    to look, to see, to watch
  5. 있다
    to be, to exist
  6. 같다
    to be same
  7. 가다
    to go
  8. 오다
    to come
  9. 알다
    to know
  10. 들다
    to lift, to raise
  11. 말하다
    to tell, to say, to speak
  12. 모르다
    to not know, to not understand
  13. 생각하다
    to think
  14. 주다
    to give
  15. 받다
    to receive, to accept
  16. 살다
    to live, be alive; inhabit, dwell
  17. 나오다
    to exit
  18. 보이다
    to appear, to seem, to show
  19. 좋다
    to be nice
  20. 다르다
    to be different
  21. 쓰다
    to write
  22. 가지다
    to have, to hold, to possess *
  23. 많다
    to be abundant, to be many
  24. 크다
    to be big
  25. 나다
    to happen, appear
  26. 걸다
    to hang
  27. 따르다
    to follow
  28. 먹다
    to eat
  29. 놓다
    to put, to put down
  30. 서다
    to stand
  31. 앉다
  32. 만들다
    to make
  33. 죽다
    to die
  34. 버리다
    to throw away, to give up
  35. 못하다
    to be unable
  36. 시작하다
    to start
  37. 나가다
    to go out
  38. 찾다
    to search, to look for, to find
  39. 만나다
    to meet, see, interview
  40. 들어가다
    to enter *
  41. 지나다
    to pass by *
  42. 두다
    to put
  43. 듣다
    to listen, to hear
  44. 사다
    to buy
  45. 지다
    to be loose, to fade and fall *
  46. 잡다
    to catch
  47. 일어나다
    to wake up
  48. 내리다
    to put down, get off *
  49. 치다
    to hit, to strike
  50. 타다
    to burn (also ‘to ride, to get on (transport)’)
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