mod g unit 1

  1. A condition in which the majority of the people in a country, a number of countries, or a geographic area are affected
  2. Today's medical professional uses words with origins stemming from the _____ and _____ of classical and ancient languages.
    romance and fantasy
  3. The mythological staff belonging to Hermes, the messenger of the gods, is called what?
    Caduceus, which was thought to have magical powers
  4. What were the basis of care for the sick in ancient times?
    Religious and mythological beliefs`
  5. The Father of Medicine
    Hippcrates, the most famous of ancient Greek physicians.
  6. What is Hippocrates remembered for?
    The Hipocratic Oath, which has been administered to physicians for more than 2000 years
  7. In the United States, medical education was greatly influenced by what?
    The Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland, established in the early 1890s
  8. In 1628 who discovered that the heart acts as a muscular pup, forcing and propelling the blood throughout the body?
    William Harvey
  9. Who is the Founder of Scientific Surgery?
    John Hunter
  10. First to develop vaccinations
    Edward Jenner
  11. Who directed that in his wards the students were to wash and disinfect their hands before going to examine the womean and deliver the children.
    Philipp Semmelweis
  12. Who developed antiseptic methods by using carbolic acid for sterilization
    Joseph Lister
  13. Who performed the first human-heart transplant in 1967?
    Christian Barnard
  14. Who is considered one of the most brillant minds today helping to piece together the puzzle of the HIV virus
    Dr. David Ho
  15. Who was the most cited scientist that published between 1981 and 1994
    Dr. Fauci
  16. Medical doctors that treat all ages from the newborn to the elderly.
    Family practioners
  17. Life of the business ends when the owner dies or closes the practice in which type of practice?
    Private Practice (Sole Proprietorship)
  18. A physician who has completed additional training and educational requirements to become more knowledgeable about specific conditions or medical areas
  19. Treats disorders of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT)
    otorhinolaryngoloy-ENT specialist, otorhinolaryngologist
  20. Used to reduce or prevent swelling by temporarily decreasing circulatory flow to the injured body part
    cold therapy
  21. what type of compress helps with infection?
    Hot compress
  22. Treatments used to relieve discomfort from deep muscle tissue and muscle strains and spasms
    heat therapy
  23. What is the duration for a cold compress?
    15 to 20 minutes
  24. What must be used to make certain the energy given off by the ultrasound head is taken to the body tissues
    Coupling agent
  25. What temperature must the coupling agent be at?
    Room temperature
  26. instrument used to measure angles
  27. The selection of _____ depends on the patient's balance, coordination, strength, ability to bear weight, and energy level.
    gait pattern
  28. What type of gait is used when the patient is capable of bearing partial weight on each leg
    two point gait
  29. What is prescribed when the patient needs optimal stability, support, and a way to be mobile?
  30. What is used for a fracture or dislocation of the wrist and extends from about mid-palm to just below the elbow
    short arm cast
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