Bible Exam

  1. Tabernacle represented
    God’s presence in the midst of Israel
  2. Place where the
    Israelites worshipped God through sacrifices
  3. Describes the sacrificial system that was used in
    the tabernacle

    • wrote the book
    • Moses
  4. Records the revelation given to him at Mount Sinai
    1445-1444 BC
  5. Message:
    A chosen nation relates to a holy God
  6. Regulations for the people and priests concerning the sacrifices
    • Regulations for the burnt offering
    • Regulations for the grain offering
    • Regulations for the fellowship offering
    • Regulations for the sin offering
    • Regulations for the guilt offering
  7. Inauguration of priests
    • Ordination of Aaronic priests
    • Commencement of priestly ministry
    • Punishment for priestly failure to obey
  8. Regulations of clean and unclean
    • Consumption of clean and unclean food
    • Purification after childbirth
    • Purification of skin disease
    • Purification of discharges
  9. Regulations for the Day of Atonement
    • Preparations for the day of atonement
    • Procedure for sin offering for the high priest
    • Procedure for sin offering for the people
    • Procedure for the scapegoat
    • Procedure for the burnt offering
    • Lasting ordinance for the Day of Atonement
  10. Key sacrificial principles
    • Centrality of the sanctuary
    • Sanctity of the blood
  11. Regulations for personal holiness
    • Regulations for sexual relations
    • Various personal regulations
    • Special regulations for priests
    • Regulations for offerings
  12. Regulations for feasts and worship
    • Introduction
    • Remembrance of the Sabbath
    • Proclamation of the feasts of Passover and unleavened bread
    • Proclamation of the feast of firstfruits
    • Proclamation of the feast of Pentecost
    • Proclamations of the feast of trumpets
    • Proclamation of the feast of Tabernacles
    • Provision of Sabbath oil and bread
  13. Punishment of the
  14. Regulations for the land
    • Remembrance of the Sabbath year
    • Celebration of the Year of Jubilee
    • Protection of the poor
  15. Reverence for the Lord
    • Prohibition of idolatry
    • Rewards of obedience
    • Punishments of disobedience
    • Forgiveness of repentance
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