Bible Exam

  1. God’s miraculous work
    A group of oppressed slaves into a nation
  2. Starts in the valley era of
  3. Climbs to the mountaintop era of
  4. Emphasizes the three amazing events that establish Israel as God’s nation
    • The exodus from Egypt
    • The covenant at Sinai
    • The tabernacle
  5. authored all five books of the Pentateuch
  6. Start:
    Israel’s redemption from Egypt
  7. End:
    Egypt through the journey to receive the Law at Mount Sinai
  8. Message:
    God establishes Israel as His chosen nation
  9. Redemption of God’s covenant people from Egyptian slavery
    • Description of slavery in Egypt
    • Call of Moses
    • Moses’ confrontation with Pharaoh
    • Plagues upon Egypt
    • Exodus of Israel from Egypt
    • Israel’s grumbling and God’s provision
    • Jethro’s advice to Moses
  10. God’s covenant with His people at Sinai
    • Context of God’s covenant with Israel
    • Content of God’s covenant with Israel
    • Confirmation of God’s covenant with Israel
  11. God’s dwelling with His people
    • Tabernacle
    • Priesthood
    • Tabernacle and its service
    • Tabernacle’s craftsmen
    • Sign of the covenant: Sabbath
    • Tablets given to Moses
  12. Breaking the covenant through false people
    • Golden calf
    • Moses’ communication with God
  13. Completion of tabernacle
    • Sabbath law announced
    • Tabernacle materials offering
    • Preparation of the workmen
    • Construction of the tabernacle
    • Presentation of the tabernacle to Moses
    • Setup of tabernacle
    • God’s glory in the tabernacle
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