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  1. 1. What is a claused bill of lading?
    A bill of lading that shows a shortfall or damage in the delivered goods. Typically, if the shipped products deviate from the delivery specifications or expected quality, the receiver may declare a claused bill of lading.
  2. 2. Define and translate �booking not�
    • Supervision clause: a booking note contain the terms of the contract, they very commeon in the liner trade.
    • - Buchungsnote
  3. 3. What is a document of title?
    shipping document (such as a bill of lading, dock receipt, warehouse receipt) that confers and/or proves ownership. A document of title enables its holder(possessor) to receive, retain, sell, or otherwise dispose of the document and the goods or property listed therein.
  4. 4. As a result of [��] waybills are now commonly encountered
  5. 5. Define and translate �shipper�
    • It�s the person which is tendering goods to be carried
    • - Verlader, Ablader
  6. 6. What are the potential problems of accepting a LOI?
    • - A LOI cannot be enforced by the carrier against the shipper.
    • - P&I Club will not give cover for losses occurring in such circumstances
  7. 7. The durantion of a time charter will be fixed in two ways:
    • - trip time parties
    • - time charter parties for a fixed periode
  8. 8. What is a Contract of Affreightment?
    • - A COA is used as synonym for contracts for carriage of goods by sea.
    • - COA is in legal term a form of voyager charter
  9. 9. The holder of the B/L can transfer ownership of the goods in two ways:
    • - endorsing
    • - transferring
    • the B/L
  10. 10. Who employs master and crew under a bareboat charter?
    The bareboat charterer
  11. 11. Which of the following statement is correct?
    • - If the document declares itself to be �non transferabel� or �non negotiable� it will be a B/L
    • - If the document declares itself to be �non transferabel� or �non negotiable� it will not be a B/L (
  12. 12. Name three consequences that follow from the fact that a charterer is regarded as bareboat charterer.
    • - Master and crew serve the bareboat charterer
    • - B/L signed by the Master bind the charterer but not the owner
    • - Owner is not liable the charterer for acts of the master and crew
  13. 13. Demise charterparties are often referred to as [��]. The terms are often regarded as synonymous.
    - bareboat charterparties
  14. 14. Name two areas in which demise charters are relevant
    • - operating charterparties
    • - finance charterparties (leasing)
  15. 15. When and why LOIs are used by shippers?
    If the cargo is demage and it will be shipped the B/L ist claused
  16. 16. Is a Sea Waybill a document of title?
    No, because its not possible to transfer ownership
  17. 17. What is the different between a time charter for a fixed period and a trip time charter?
    • Fixed period: Charterer hires the vessel for a fixed time period. The charterer can do in this time most as possible voyages.
    • Trip time: duration of a named voyage. A direct voyage from A to B.
  18. 18. Are there limits on the time charterer�s control of the vessel?
    Yes, trading limits. Also obtained the master the routing for a safe navigation.
  19. 19. Booking notes are very common in the [��] trade.
  20. 20. State two limits on time charterer�s control of the vessel:
    • - trading limits
    • - safe ports / berth limits
  21. 21. What is the main different between a B/L and a Sea Waybill?
    • - A Bill of lading is a document of title, endorsement and transfer a B/L is equivalent to transfer the goods themselves
    • - A Sea Waybill contains a undertaking by the carrier to the shipper
  22. 22. The speed and consumption [��] is sometimes given �without guarantee�
  23. 23. Generally speaking, the preliminary voyage and the carrying voyage are the responsibility the [��]
  24. 24. State three functions of a B/L
    • - document of title
    • - receipt
    • - evidence of the contract
  25. 25. Why does �clausing� may problems to the shipper?
    • - no purchaser will accept a claused B/L
    • - no bank will accept a claused B/L as reference
  26. 26. What does LOI mean?
    Letter of indemnity
  27. 27. State two advantages of a Sea Waybill over a B/L
    • - it does not have to be tendered at the discharge point to obtain delivery
    • - shipper can change the delivery instructions
  28. 28. What are the two main types of standard form consecutive voyage charter parties?
    • -
    • -
  29. 29. Translate �letter of credit�
    • - a letter from a bank, that allows you to get a particular amount of money from another bank
    • - Akreditiv / Kreditbrief
  30. 30. Translate �pledge�
    • - a serious promise / a sum of money that you leave with somebody to prove that you will pay back money that you own
    • - Pfand
  31. 31. Define and translate �deadfreight�
    • - freight for unused cargospace / deadweight
    • - Leerfracht
  32. 32. Define and translate �trading limits�
    • - Geographical limits states in the contract by the charterer
    • - Handelsgrenzen / Fahrtgrenzen
  33. 33. What does BIMCO stands for?
    Baltic and International Maritime Council
  34. 34. Define and translate �consignee�
    • - the person to whom the shipment is to be delivered
    • - Empf�nger
  35. 35. A [��] is a contract for the carriage of goods by sea on a specified voyage.
    Voyage Charter
  36. 36. State two functions of a Sea Waybill
    • - Receipts for goods
    • - terms / evidence of the contract (without seeing a document of title)
  37. 37. What is the most used time charter form?
    NYPE 1946 (New York Produce Exchange)
  38. 38. Define and translate �lessee�
    • - a person who has use something on a lease
    • - Mieter / P�chter
  39. 39. Define and translate �lessor�
    • - a person who gives somebody the use of something on a lease, to hire something
    • - Vermieter / Verp�chter, Leasinggeber
  40. 40. Define and translate �carrier�
    • - company that carries goods from one place two another
    • - Verfracht
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