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  1. Council Of the Indies
    government that looked out over Spain's colonies
  2. "Obedezco pero no cumplo"
    Attitude that colony officials had towards the Spanish government.
  3. Viceroy
    title given to the principal governors of Spain's american colonies. Employed formula "obedezco pero no cumplo".
  4. Audiencia
    highest court of appeal in its district. Was one of most important governmental institutions in Spain.
  5. Alcades Mayores
    Assisted the royally appointed judges.
  6. Corregidores
    two types. Some presided over Spanish towns and others administered indigenous pueblos.
  7. Cabildos
    town council
  8. Encomienda
    it assigned a colonist responsibility for indigenous people who were to serve him with tribute and labor. He would in return protect them and support them. This was a way of enslavement.
  9. Mita
    repartimiento system in Peru. The able natives would work on silver mines.
  10. Debt Peonage
    paying off a debt with physical labor. If debt isnt paid of it will be past on generations. Thus entrapment of the individuals family.
  11. Repartimiento
    all adult males indigenous were forced to give a certain amount of time in rotation throughout the year to work for the Spaniards.
  12. Monocultura
    the cultivation of a single crop in the region.
  13. Campesinos
    field workers
  14. Hacienda
    a large estate or plantation
  15. Fleet system
    Spain set up a system of transporting goods they acquired in the Americas and transport them to Europe.
  16. Manila Galleon
    a sailing vessel that traveled once a year from Mexico to the Philippines.
  17. Peninsularas
    person borned in Spain but lived in Colonies
  18. Creoles
    american born spaniards
  19. Castas
    people of mixed races
  20. mestizo
    person with one spanish and indian parent
  21. zamba
    person of indian and black mixed
  22. Mulatto
    Black and spanish mixed
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